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You Have S3x In Your Dreams? Seer1 Has A Message For You




Nigerian man of god prophet Andrew Ejimadu popularly known as Seer1 has cautioned people who have s3x in the dreams to be extra careful.

Writing on his Facebook page, Seer1 wondered why is it that when you dream of havings3x with someone in dreams you end up wet unlike when you dream of having a car or money.

According to Seer1 having s3x in a dream is not just a dream and has to e taken seriously.

Below is what prophet Seer1 wrote.

If you have ever had sex in dream please read this!

Because you are likely to die poor and frustrated.

When you dream counting money in dream, you wake up with no money.

When you dream having a big house in dream, you wake up with no house.

When you dream having a car in dream, you wake up having no cars.

But when you dream having sex in dream, you wake up with sperms and Siemens on your private part.

Why? Having sex in dream is not just a dream, it’s a real experience.

There are billions of demons that go from house to house, family to family to look for the sons and daughters of men to have sex with as they sleep.

When you find yourself having sex in dreams, it means that one of them has located you and you have actually slept with a real demon.

Sometimes they will use the face of your crush, husband, wife, a friend etc.

These demons do get pregnant or do get you pregnant and have children in the realm of the spirit and once this happens, you will start experiencing an unbelievable amount of misfortunes.

This is because, all the fruit of your labor physically will be channeled by these demons to your spiritual children.

You will work like a lion and eat like a rat because your benefits are going to the spiritual world to take care of your spiritual children, wife or husband.

If you are married physically, these demons will frustrate your marriage or relationship because they always need your attention in the realm of the spirit.

They will make people hate you for nothing, even the people that can help you will become your enemies because these spirits are jealous and wants no one close to you.

At the end of the day they will close all the doors of money, good things and frustrate you to depression.

If you have ever had sex in dream, take this prayer very seriously.

As you type amen in agreement!

  1. Let that spiritual wife/husband die.
  2. Let all the spiritual children die.
  3. Be free now.
  4. 4.Let everything that they stole from you come back.

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21-year-old man dies after his wife allegedly pulled and squeezed his genitals in self-defence during fight




A 21-year-old man of Nangoma has died after his wife allegedly pulled and squeezed his genitals in self-defence during a fight.

It is believed that Chrispine Kandela picked up a fight with his 19-year-old wife, Annie Mweemba, around 01:00 hours after he returned home from a drinking spree.

Central Province acting commanding officer Dennis Moola said attempts by Mr Kandela’s mother, Esther, to stop the fight failed.

Mr Moola said as Mr Kandela allegedly kept beating his wife, she reached out for his genitals and squeezed them.

“Even with his mother’s involvement, the fight did not end and his wife pulled the private parts and he screamed in pain. He fell down on the ground and became unconscious,” Mr Moola said.

He said Mr Kandela was rushed to Miyoye Clinic, where he was pronounced dead.

(Source: Zambia Daily Mail)


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Update|| Photo Of A Guy Who Leaked Girlfriend’s S#xtape Via Twitter Surfaces




AKSU Student Video is currently trending all over the social media platforms, According to a Twitter user, he confirmed that the girl in the video’s name is Idara and her nickname goes by Al Gold. And She is a 200 level student of Akwa Ibom State University.

it was gathered that the alleged girl in the video whose name is Idara, AL Gold had hooked up with an anonymous guy and the guy recorded both of them having fun

However, The video was recorded with the authorization of the girl and boy and It all begins with the guy positioning the recording device.

which is assumed to be a mobile phone, on a surface while the female student patiently waits, leaning with four arms on a bed that is spread with white sheets.

Some sources claim that the young guy traded the s*xtape to Idara’s former colleague for the sum of N2,000 only.

See face of the guy below

While others alleged that the video is an impact of a break-up, which could be seen as retaliation by the ex-boyfriend of the idara.

Others said that the guy shared it with one of his friends, who later seeped the video on Twitter.

Currently, the identity and social media handle of the young gentleman who f*cked Idara haven’t been founded yet. More investigations are ongoing.



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