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You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet



Actress Anita Joseph and husband MC Fish have addressed those curious about their happiness in their marriage because they seem to be doing much saying they haven’t seen anything yet.

Photos and videos Anita Joseph and her husband MC Fish post on social media make some people conclude that their marriage won’t last because they seem to be doing too much and they have replied to all that including those wondering if they’re both happy with their marriage.

According to Anita Joseph, her husband MC Fish is her contact and contract from God so they haven’t seen anything yet and she’s indeed enjoying her marriage because she’s happy with how she’s living life with her husband.

Anita Joseph believes showing the world how her marriage is going will let everyone know she’s happy since all the videos she’s been posting project nothing but happiness but then we shouldn’t forget it’s social media where everything is possible.

video below;




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