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You Season 4 Has Critics Overwhelmingly Unimpressed

Historically, “You’s” thematic saving grace has been its supporting cast, who balance out or provide context for Joe Goldberg’s unforgivable acts and occasionally grant reprieve from the series’ darker storylines. But where Season 2 had the biting commentary of Jenna Ortega’s Ellie, or Season 3 had the arresting tension of Victoria Pedretti’s Love Quinn, Season 4 has no such shining stars.

“There’s a slew of new faces, yes,” writes the A.V. Club’s Saloni Gajjar, “but all of them are haphazardly introduced in a rushed premiere.” Season 4 develops Joe’s new social circle, comprised entirely of wealthy British elites – or, as the Telegraph’s Michael Hogan describes them, “home-grown” actors “trying not to look embarrassed.”

For CNET, Jennifer Bisset described Charlotte Ritchie’s “obscenely rich heiress,” Kate, as unrelatable and remote, noting, “Both Guinevere Beck and Love Quinn (to begin with) were at least somewhat recognizable millennials with dreams and hopes. Everything disturbing that happened to them was a flame that burned close to your own skin.”

The season’s central antagonist drew similar comparisons to Love, with TV Guide’s Maggie Fremont writing, “Joe and Love’s relationship made their psycho-killer back-and-forth more complex and interesting, and Love’s impulsivity kept Joe on his toes, giving that season an energy that is lacking with this anonymous “Eat the Rich” killer … Even a reveal late in Part 1 isn’t the most shocking and leaves a lot to be desired.”

Tilly Keeper’s Lady Phoebe appears to be the season’s standout new addition to several critics, however, with Gajjar calling her “hilarious.” Gajjar also praised Lukas Gage’s turn as Adam, though she felt the character was “one-note.”



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