“You Think God Is Happy Because Osinachi Died In An Abusive Marriage”

Her remarks come after a famous social media preacher, Newman said that the gospel singer died and suffered in the Lord. According to this pastor, it was God’s directive for Osinachi to endure her abusive marriage.

According to Orode, Osinachi suffered and died in the Lord for no reason or reward worthwhile. In reaction to the pastor’s assertions, Orode publicized that the culture of oppression which is coated as Christianity is not of God and needs to stop.

She added that the long-suffering in the Bible was not one for Christ but one from a man’s ego. She wrote;

“This is a problem, a real problem! This culture of oppression disguised as Christianity is not of God. Stop it! Stop it!,” she said.

“Her own cup of suffering was to be beaten not for Christ but from a man’s ego or whatever his excuse was. Stop it!

“So you think God is happy she died in a domestic violence situation? He mourns and weeps for her. He is heartbroken. There is no where WELL DONE reward here. Only a heartbroke father has to receive his child home before her time.” 


See how Nigerians reacted;

ogensimah had this long message to share: If we are being honest with ourselves, we will know that the major cause of domestic abuse in marriage, both in male and female, is the fact that our Religion and society supports Male Dominance.
This faulty mentality constructed by patriarchy and
propergated by you all are the reason why your brothers and sisters are suffering and dieing in Marriage….
Think am deep,some men have died where they are trying to show the are they “man” as society labels it in relationships
Dont blame the victim for not leaving, blame the society who subdue the victim with a faulty mentality…
People are living based on conviction and their level of knowledge. They have been brain washed for long, and still getting brain washed
Oge Nsimah

likee_mercy wrote; Neither is the culture of embezzlement of public funds of the Lord. Tell your father and his cohorts that. Mtcheeeww

denzeluche commented; This is why I don’t like going to church or fancy Christianity. I worship God from my heart and pray from home and not as an obligation to man because to Nigerians the moment you don’t go to church you’re not a devote Christian.




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