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Young man recounts how his dad’s best friend began dating his mum after his dad passed

A young man has revealed that his father’s best friend began dating his mum following the demise of his father.

According to the narrator, his dad’s best friend became close to his mum after the burial, and at first he had thought he was being supportive, but he began staying too long in the house.

He recounted how the man started sharing rooms with his mum and even wearing his dad’s cloths.

The young man, who is set to leave for university soon, said that he’s confused as to what to do about the situation.

He wrote:

“Hide my name. I am a boy aged 17 and in matric. My little sister is 12. Our dad passed away in November last year and mom is now a widow. My father’s best friend has been spending time here at home. At first I thought he was being supportive, I noticed in January that he is dating my mom. They are always locked in the bedroom doing whatever they do. My mom does not have time for my little sister. She’s always crying because she misses dad. My mom doesn’t seem to care. The guy brings al*ohol in the house and sometimes leaves bottles on the table. The other day I found my little sister trying to drink from one bottle. My mom doesn’t seem bothered at all. My father never touched al*ohol or cig*rettes in front of us. I struggle to cope with another man doing that in our house. I want to tell my grandmother but I’m scared to cause a problem between her and my mother. I can’t wait to pass matric and go stay far from home. But the thought of leaving my little sister in this situation breaks my heart. One last thing, this guy wears my father’s shoes without feeling any shame. I swear soon he’ll be driving my father’s cars. I don’t know what to do.”Screenshot 20230317 054542



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