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Young Sheldon Fans Want Georgie And Mandy To Get Back Together After Their Sweet Moment In Season 6 Episode 12

Before Mandy’s baby shower, Georgie wanted to give her something just for her, as the baby would receive an abundance of gifts later. He thoughtfully gives her a beautiful gold heart locket with a picture of their baby’s sonogram inside. This immediately melted viewers’ (and Mandy’s) hearts, resulting in Twitter bursting with emotional reactions. 

Although the idea for the present originated from Georgie’s new girlfriend (it’s complicated), fans hope this is a promising sign of their reunion. One viewer, @just_me_terry, reflects on the series’ shift in perspective while reacting to the touching scene. “I happen to love the Georgie and Mandy parts. After all this is a show about Sheldon when he was a child in his family. This baby is his niece, I LOVE LOVE the Mandy and Georgie parts and hope THEY will be a couple and raise the baby as a couple no matter the age difference.” Another user, @calhoun_monique, captured audiences’ tearful reaction with “Georgie[‘s] gift to Mandy,” adding an accompanying crying emoji with watery eyes. 

Some noticed Georgie’s refreshing character development, like @ASchad2014 who wrote, “While Georgie can be an idiot at times, this whole situation with Mandy and the baby shows just how noble and caring he can be.” @thynebridget felt similarly, tweeting, “I am waaaay more invested in Georgie and Mandy than I should be,” with another user, @waparker536, writing, “[in my opinion] Missy & Georgie have become the best characters.” 



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