YouTube could allow you to use voice to buy in-video products

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YouTube could allow you to use your voice in order to buy in-video products. Do note that this feature has not been announced by Google, though, nor anything of the sort. It appeared in the form of a patent, which suggests it could be implemented at some point.

The report comes from Calibre Cleaning who partnered up with @xleaks7. Considering that YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world, this could be a very important addition to the service.

YouTube could get a feature that allows you to buy in-video products by using your voice

It would make it extremely easy for users to purchase things by just using their voice. That would not only boost YouTube’s income but also allow creators to earn extra cash as well.

You can already use voice in order to navigate YouTube, sure. You can use it to search, play, and navigate the UI, but not purchase products. If this feature gets implemented, you could be able to choose a product during the video playback itself and instruct your phone to send you to its listing.

That’s basically the gist of the patent here. It, of course, remains to be seen how exactly will Google implement this, if it even comes to that. Knowing Google, however, it’s most certainly coming, the only question is… when.

Google Ads are the most popular form of advertising online, and the company has mastered the art of advertising. This is also a part of it, kind of. The products that would be on offer would be an ad of sorts, either a direct or indirect one, and Google would only allow you to act upon your desire to buy it without actually tapping on the link first.

We’re not sure when or if it’s coming, though

We have no idea when could this feature arrive, however. As is usually the case with patents, they could indicate an upcoming feature, or not. Also, they never indicate when something could happen, of course.

Google may end up using that patent as part of a different feature or something of the sort, who knows? So don’t get your hopes up just yet, we’ll have to wait and see.