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Yul Edochie raises alarm over threat to life, places N1m bounty on cyber bullies

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Yul Edochie, a Nollywood actor cum pastor and politician has voiced concerns about an alleged plot to hurt his children and kill his second wife, Judy Austin.
The actor said people behind the scheme also set up social media groups and sites to harass his fans, friends, and business connections.
He stated that he had reported the situation to the police, offering a one-million-naira prize for information that leads to the arrest of the individuals involved.
He wrote on Instagram: “I heard a group of jobless & very stupid people formed a WhatsApp group & social media pages and they’re using it to threaten my fans, friends & my business associates. Bullying is totally unacceptable. To me or to anyone else.
“I have reported the matter to the police. Pls if anyone calls you or texts you to threaten you pls record the call, copy the number and text and send it to me so i can forward it to the police for tracking them.
“I heard they went as far as posting my house address on their platform & threatening to hurt my children & kill Judy. They have crossed the line. You can not sit in your house & tell another person how to live his or her life. God punish all of you. I will get you all.
“I’m offering 1 million naira and more to anyone who can provide useful information about them to aid their arrest. To all my fans & friends all over the world, please assist me in apprehending these psychos. I thank you all for your love & support. God bless you. Cyber bullying is totally unacceptable.”