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Yung Gravy Sheri Nicole Easterling Age Difference, Addison Rae Mom Relationship Timeline



Yung Gravy Sheri Nicole Easterling Age Difference

It was reported that Yung Gravy and Sheri Esterling were romantically involved after they were photographed kissing on the red carpet on Sunday night.

Currently dating Addison’s mother Sheri Esterling is American rapper Gravy. The duo also engaged in amorous activity while at the VMAs. The artist performed the song as part of the pre-show for the show. In 2017, Gravy released the song Mr. Clean on SoundCloud, which is how the public first learned about him. The song received a Platinum rating from the RIAA.

A mixtape, three albums, and seven extended plays were later released after he finished seven tours that spanned international oceans (EPs). bbno$, Chief Keef, and Y2K are frequently discussed in the same sentence as the vocalist. His debut single, which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, was the song he performed at the VMA ceremony.

Yung Gravy Sheri Nicole Easterling Age Difference

Yung Gravy Sheri Nicole Easterling Age Difference

Yung Gravy Sheri Nicole Age Difference

Gravy and Sheri are 16 years apart in age, which is a big difference. Sheri was born on September 4, 1979, making her 42 years old. Sheri Yung, the singer, will be 26 years old on March 19, 2022. He was created in Rochester, Minnesota in the year 1996.

The two seemed attractive while they were together, despite the significant amount of time that separated them. Sheri has two children from her first marriage, Lucas and Enzo, who she presently lives with. Her first marriage to Monty Lopez ended in divorce in 2022. She is best known for being the mother of Addison Rae, a well-known YouTuber who is currently 21 years old.

American psychologist Peter Johannes Hauri, Gravy’s father, specializes in treating insomnia. In addition, he was born in 1933 and died in 2013 at the age of 80. Cynthia Cleveland Hauri, the mother of the singer, is also an actor. In spite of this, his mother may be aging.

American country music artist Danielle Simone Bradbery was in a relationship with Bennett Jonas.

Yung Gravy And Sheri Nicole Easterling Dating Life

According to sources cited in the news, the rapper is allegedly dating Addison Easterling’s mother Sheri.

The allegations have been made for a while. The musician reacted to the host’s inquiry regarding Esterling by saying that she is no longer Monty Lopez’s wife and that they recently called it quits.

The two of them split up because Lopez was thought to have cheated on Esterling with a younger girl. They stopped communicating with one another. The rumor that the two were dating came from the chat app Tiktok. On the account, a video of the rapper assembling a new one was published.

Gravy used video editing software to add his name to the recording. He used the term “baby” to refer to Sheri in the most recent video. After watching the video, the two continued their talk. A video of Gravy performing with Sheri’s post has been released. He made his debut so that others may enjoy the idea of possibly dating him.

In the podcast, Gravy made a prediction about his upcoming date with Sheri. On the other side, he said he’d wait until his performance in New Orleans.

Both parties exchange messages and keep in touch with one another. Every day, they make sure to Facetime and communicate to one another. Gravy is also getting ready for his subsequent encounter with Sheri. The fact that they were both on the red carpet at this moment indicates that they are dating.

In the year 2020, rumors of a relationship between Almondmilkhunni and Calum Hood spread swiftly online. It was assumed that the singer was talking about Calum.

Addison Rae Mom Relationship Timeline

Addison Rae Mom Relationship Timeline

Sheri Nicole Easterling Relationship Timeline

Sheri Lopez and Monty Lopez, Addison Rae’s parents, had been living apart for a while.

The 25-year-old influencer Renée Ash, who claims to have dated Lopez for five months, is the origin of the allegation that the couple is no longer together. Lopez is a 46-year-old man.

He has been shown acting sexually suggestively toward ladies who are close to his daughter’s age in a number of social media posts and a TikTok video that has since been taken down.

Sheri claimed that although in the past she had loved and trusted Lopez, when she found out about the other young girls, her heart had been broken.

Shortly after the rumors of an affair went viral, Sheri appeared to address them by posting a mysterious comment on her Instagram Story.

After divorcing Monty when their daughter Addison was still a young child, Sheri remarried in 2017. The family was constantly on the move as a result of this instability. She revealed it on the episode “That Was Fun?,” which she and Sheri co-host on their podcast.

Are Yung Gravy And Addison Rae Mom Sheri Easterling Dating?

After they shared a stage at the MTV Video Music Awards 2022, Yung Gravy and Addison Rae’s mother generated headlines. Do they have a relationship? Let’s investigate.

American rapper Yung Gravy, also known as Matthew Raymond Hauri, is 26 years old.

His tunes Mr. Clean, Gravy Train, Whip A Tesla, and Betty, to name a few, are well-known.

Who Is Sheri Easterling?

Addison Rae was raised by her sole parent, Sheri Nicole Easterling, who is now a prominent figure in the American media. The mother-daughter team has amassed a significant amount of notoriety on the internet.

She is also a media influencer, and she uses her Instagram account to promote a variety of various brand products. In addition to this, she has reached the significant milestone of one million followers on her Instagram account.

When it comes to her daughter, Addison, she is a model, social influencer, and actress. Addison is also a TikTok Star. She has 88.6 million followers, which places her as the fourth most followed TikTok personality at the moment.

Although Sheri and her husband Monty Lopez are married, the couple is now experiencing some tension in their relationship. After Monty was caught cheating on her, their relationship appears to have reached a point where they can no longer speak to one another.

In addition, the general public is currently discussing the new alleged coupling, and their comments can be found here.

Yung Gravy And Addison Rae Mom Sheri Easterling Dating Rumors

After making a recent appearance together on the red carpet of the MTV Awards 2022, Sheri Easterling and Yung Gravy have become popular topics of discussion on the Internet.

A face-to-face meeting did not occur until much later when the rapper disclosed that they had initially connected online and had face-timed multiple times before finally meeting in person.

He remarked that “I hit on her first and I knew of her.” Gravy continues, “I had the impression that she was doing good.”

Moving on, while going on the red carpet together, Addison Rae’s mother offers the rapper a peck on the lips and gives her son a kiss.

Their unexpected romance on the red carpet has risen to the top of the highlights, and rightfully so.

Monty Lopez teases possible diss track against Yung Gravy

On August 18, Yung Gravy made the assertion that a “poppin’ producer” had messaged him and told him that Monty Lopez had contacted him and asked, “‘Yo, I need a beat. I have to record a trash track right now.’”

Gravy stated that he was “thoroughly pleased” by the prospect of this possibility, but he also made certain to disavow Lopez for “embarrassing [his] daughter” and “hurting” Sheri.

It is evident that this is a family matter that is attracting the interest of the internet as more drama continues to emerge, despite the fact that it is unknown exactly what is taking place within the Rae fold.

Addison Rae’s dad and Yung Gravy beef explained : Hostspotnews

After Addison Rae’s mother and father were taken down from their TikTok accounts a month ago, Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, has taken to the platform to express his frustrations with artist Yung Gravy.

The rapper indicated that he would be interested in going on a date with Sheri Nicole Easterling, who is now estranged from Monty’s partner.



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