Zambian Side Chick Dares Wife Of A Married Man She Is B0nking After She Threatened To Expose Her ‘I will not stop’

A side chick in Zambian has taken to social media challenging the owner of the man she going out with after the wife threatened to expose her.

Writing on social media, the side chick told the owner of the man that her husband is into her because she bathes well unlike her so she will not stop seeing him.

She went further telling the wife that she should just accept her as her sister.

“So a certain MARRIED woman is threatening to expose me on Social media for sleeping with her husband am here to tell you that I will not stop seeing your husband and accept that am now your sister,” she said.

She continued that at the moment she is two months pregnant for him so there is no way she can let him go.

“Our dear Husband complains that your rarely bath and all you do is watch TV and gossip with neighbors, what your dear Husband does not find in you he has found in me, and for your own Information am two months prego for him so forget it,” she said.

She the encouraged married women to be bathing instead of exposing their fellow women for allegedly going out with their husbands.

“So Mrs Jere Sorry mama am here to stay,” she concluded.

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