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Zambians Mock Yo Maps For Saying ‘J’ is For Germany In TikTok Challenge



Zambians on social media had a lighter moment mocking one of the country’s top musician Yo Maps real name Elton Mulenga for failing to name a country which starts with ‘J’ in name the country TikTok challenge.

Yo Maps and his newly wedded wife Kidist in over a two minute TikTok video seemed to enjoy every moment.

It all started well for Yo Maps after he guessed correctly a country which starts with letter ‘F’ when he mentioned France.

But things turned out for him when the challenge required him to guess a country which starts with letter ‘J’ after seeing that he was about to be poured powder by his wife, Yo Maps mentioned German.

This brought laughter on his wife Kidist and without hesitating she poured powder on him.

However, Kidist also received her dose of powder after she failed to guess a country which starts with the letter ‘H’ shamelessly, she mentioned Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare.

Zambians on social media mocked the couple and asked who will be able to help their kid with school homework if the two of them are failing a simple challenge.

However, other people found the video very interesting saying that couples playing together such games strengthens the relationship.

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