Zambia’s national dumps girlfriend for demanding over Mk450 on her birthday

Zambian national has dumped his dumped his girlfriend for demanding more than mk450 on her birthday.

According to information at hand, the girl’s birthday was on Monday this week and her boyfriend sent her mk450 but this did not please her.

“I am guy aged 28 and I always respect ladies when it comes to reaching a concrete agreement, but I am quite disappointed with the 10th lady I have dated whom I thought was okay.

“Her birthday was on Monday and I got to know about it on Saturday and I was actually broke but I managed to borrow a k450 which I sent her but to my surprise, she only texted back and said YOU CAN DO BETTER. She was upset and did not want me near her. To make matters worse, she stopped picking up my calls,” wrote the 28 year old man.

He added: “Two days after her birthday she called me but I texted back and told her we are done.”

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