₦6 Billion Money Laundering Charges: Bank Staff Testifies Against Mompha


The trial of social media celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha, known as Mompha, saw new developments on Monday as Fidelity Bank’s compliance officer, Ezekoli Ozoemenam, provided testimony regarding an account allegedly linked to the defendant.

Naijaonpoint reports that the trial, which involves charges of laundering ₦6 billion, was held at the Special Offences Court in Ikeja.

During the session, Ozoemenam, acting as the fourth prosecution witness, detailed the transactions and documents associated with the account under scrutiny.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) lawyer, Suleiman Suleiman, led the evidence presentation.

After his testimony, the prosecution sought the court’s permission to formally admit the bank documents as evidence in the trial.

In a twist, defence counsel Kolawole Salami refrained from immediately contesting the documents but hinted at future objections.

Amidst these proceedings, the prosecution also requested a witness summons for the next testimonial, citing concerns for the individual’s safety and reports of threats.

Presiding Justice Mojisola Dada addressed the court’s expectations regarding the appearance of witnesses, marking a critical point in the ongoing legal battle.

Mompha, however, was notable by his absence, continuing a pattern that had previously led the court to commence his trial in absentia since June 3, 2023.

The high-profile defendant was arraigned alongside his company, Ismalob Global Investment Ltd., in January 2022 on multiple counts, including conspiracy and money laundering.

The charges against him are severe, encompassing conspiracy to launder money, retention of criminal conduct proceeds, and possession of documents with false pretences.

Justice Dada has adjourned the trial until July 1, as legal strategies unfold and the court awaits further testimonies.

This case continues to attract significant media attention, given Mompha’s prominence on social media and the substantial sums involved.

This trial is a continuation of a series of legal challenges for Mompha, who has faced multiple accusations over the years related to his financial activities.

His frequent non-appearance at trial dates has added complexity to the proceedings, with the EFCC leveraging both local and international resources in its investigations.