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Naijaonpoint is Africa’s leading online portal, the first of its kind to amass traffic from top counties in Africa like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and the United states according to Alexa.

  • Top 5,000 Website World Wide

According to Alexa, we are among the top 5,000 website worldwide, top 50 website in Nigeria and South Africa with a very broad global reach everyday processing up to 500,000 incoming search streams from google on our articles.

  • Raking over 400,000 – 600,000 page views per day with over 2,000+ users online hitting our articles from search engine, social profiles and direct visitors making us one of the top 3 music blogs in Africa and still rising.
  • Wide Range Of Contents

99% of our advertising converts because we have a wide range of topics being covered by our website and our partner advertising is doing great raising assurance level that your adverts will surely reach the right audience.

We try as much as possible to provide up-to date and valued analytics to advertisers to settle all doubts and further assure them of the best conversions in the market.

Checkout Our Wide-Range Of Advert Types.

Banner Ads

We accept only 720×90 (Leaderboard) & 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), and they appear both cool on same spot on desktop and optimized mobile pages, below are some of the positions banner adverts can target.

  • Mobile Header / Desktop header: A 720×90 / Leaderboard banner size that displays at the top most part of the website
  • Desktop Sidebar 1 / Mobile Footer 1: A Square 300×250 banner size displaying at the sidebar of desktop user and footer of mobile responsive site.
  • Desktop Sidebar 2 / Mobile Footer 2: A Rectangle ads Displays at the sidebar second adspot for desktop and mobile footer last adspot
  • Within Post contents & Lists: The rectangle ads is the most seen ads as it displays on every page of the website, sometimes more than once.
  • Website Footer: This is regarded as a 720×90 banner size which displays at the bottom of most pages of the website.
  • Bottom Sticky Ads: This is one of the most seen ads, as soon as user lands on the website they see this ads, and can only close them click clicking the close box.

Other AdFormats:

We accept some of the advertising below on rare occasions.

  • In-page push
  • Push notifications
  • Popunder
  • Page Push-down ads
1 Masthead 468 x60px 1 Week 220,000
2 Right Sky Scrapper 300 x 600px 1 Week 130,000
3 Home Sidebar 300 x 250px 1 Week 100,000
4 Home leader Board Middle 468 x 60px 1 Week 150,000
5 Home leader Board Bottom 468 x 60px 1 Week 100,000
6 Article Side bar 300 x 250px 1 Week 130,000
7 Article lead Bottom Board 468 x60px 1 Week 100,000
8 Sponsored Post Political Advertorial Daily 150,000
9 Sponsored Post (Public Sector) Advertorial Daily 125,000
10 Sponsored (SME Product) with Links 80,000($200)
11 Below ... Text Link Max. 35 words Weekly 80,000 ($200)
12 Between ... Text Link Max. 35 words Weekly 95,000
13 CPM (Cost per 1000 page views) Banner Minimum of $50 $20 / cpm
14 Social Media (with link) Either Facebook or Twitter Daily N10,000
15 Newsletter Masthead Minimum of N5000 N50 per Impression

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Sponsored Posts:


Cryptocurrency / Casino / Gambling / Gaming / Betting / Forex Category: $350

Other Categories (Normal): $250


Link Insertion (Cryptocurrency / Casino / Gambling / Betting / Forex Category) : $200

Link Insertion (Normal) : $130

NOTE:- It’s Not Negotiable!!! (And We Also Don’t Accept Link Exchange) Also please be aware that any DISCOUNTED publications on the sponsored post section is valid for only a year. So paying for an article in full guarantees a permanently article and wont be removed here on nainaonpoint.

We accept payment upfront, meaning you have to pay before we place your ad banner or publish in terms of post/article/story.

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