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10 States with Cheapest Healthy Diet in Nigeria 

Eating a healthy diet during Ramadan is pivotal for maintaining optimal health and energy levels, as fasting from dawn to sunset requires careful management of nutrient intake.

It encourages the selection of nutritious, balanced meals for Suhoor and Iftar to sustain one’s physical and spiritual well-being throughout this holy month. 

The Cost of a Healthy Diet (CoHD), a metric that leverages the availability, pricing, and nutritional composition of retail food items, facilitates the identification of the most cost-effective assortment of food items that align with the standards of a healthy diet. 

The narrative of food affordability took a notable turn in January 2024, as the National Average Cost of a Healthy Diet rose to N858, marking a significant rise from the N786 per adult per day recorded in December 2023.

This increment is according to a new report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). 

A regional breakdown of the CoHD figures in January 2024 shows the South West bearing the brunt of the highest average CoHD at N1,045 per adult per day, in stark contrast to the North West, where the average cost stood at a more modest N683 per adult per day. 

An analysis of the food groups within the Healthy Diet Basket of January shows that Animal Source Foods emerged as the priciest group, consuming 38% of the total CoHD to furnish merely 13% of the total calorie intake. On the flip side, Fruits and Vegetables, despite their higher price per calorie, accounted for 12% and 14%, respectively, of the total CoHD, yet offered a meagre 7% and 5% of total calories.

Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds presented a silver lining, emerging as the most budget-friendly option, constituting just 6% of the overall cost. 

Below are the top ten states where adherents can observe Ramadan with a cost-effective, nutritious diet, according to the latest Cost of a Healthy Diet (CoHD) data: 

Average CoHD: N749 per adult per day

In Kaduna, residents pay an average CoHD of N749 per person per day. Despite being the most expensive city on this list of cheapest states, it is a beacon for those seeking a balance between affordability and nutrition in the North-Western region of Nigeria.

Average CoHD: N733 per adult per day

Kogi State follows with a slightly lower CoHD, positioning it as the ninth most affordable state for a healthy diet during Ramadan, with an average cost of ₦733 per person per day.

Average CoHD: N731 per adult per day

Just two Naira shy of Kogi, Nasarawa stands as the eighth state where Muslims can maintain a healthy diet for N731. It edges its way into affordability by a narrow margin.

Average CoHD: N704 per adult per day

Average CoHD: N704 per adult per day

Zamfara residents have reason to be content this Ramadan. The state boasts an average CoHD of ₦704, promising a more affordable diet without compromising on the nutritional value necessary during the fasting period.

Average CoHD: N685 per adult per day

Kebbi shares the sixth spot with Sokoto, offering a CoHD of N685. This shared position highlights a regional trend in diet affordability.

Average CoHD: N685 per adult per day

Parallel to Kebbi, Sokoto also presents an average CoHD of N685, indicating uniformity in the cost across these neighbouring states.

Average CoHD: N676 per adult per day

Advancing to the fourth rank, Jigawa State’s average CoHD has further reduced to N676, reflecting a more economical option for healthy eating during the fasting season.

Average CoHD: N649 per adult per day

Kano secures the third spot with an encouraging average of N649 for a healthy diet per person per day, setting an example of cost-efficiency combined with nutritional awareness.

Average CoHD: N629 per adult per day

Niger State emerges as the second most economical option, tied with Katsina, both offering a CoHD of N629, signifying the potential for a nutritious Ramadan within a modest budget.

Average CoHD: N629 per adult per day

Katsina takes the lead, sharing the stage with Niger as the state with the most affordable average CoHD. At N629, it is an exemplary model for navigating the balance between adhering to dietary laws and managing finances during Ramadan.