15 Patriotic Front Councilors suspended in Zambia

PF vs councillors

The Patriotic Front (PF) has suspended 15 councilors in Mufulira District on the Copperbelt for gross misconduct.

The councilors have been slapped with a seven day suspension by the Miles Sampa led PF for openly campa!gning for an independent candidate for Buntungwa Ward in Kankoyo Constituency in the forthcoming coming ward election.

PF Mufulira District Chairman Daniel Chibale has told Diamond News that the PF leadership in the district is not happy that all councilors that were voted into office under the party ticket are not campaigning for the PF aspiring candidate.

Mr. Chibale states that the PF councilors have been given seven days during which they are expected to exculpate themselves before their district leaders to avoid further disciplinary actions from the party provincial leadership.


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