‘95% of girls in Lagos do hook up’ – Podcaster reveals

  • A podcaster has sparked online controversy by claiming that it is uncommon to encounter a woman in Lagos who doesn’t engage in sexual activity.
  • The lady discussed the licentious lifestyle prevalent in Lagos city, addressing both men and women.
  • Podcaster reports that 95% of ladies in Lagos engage in hookups, making it rare to find someone who doesn’t.

A podcaster has gone viral on the internet after asserting that it is uncommon to encounter a lady in Lagos who doesn’t hook up.

This is what the lady said on the Rated 18 podcast. She discussed the promiscuous lifestyle that many men and women in Lagos City live.

She claims that many women in Lagos hook up, and it is uncommon to meet one who doesn’t. According to her estimation, a minimum of 95% of the women in Lagos engage in some form of hooking up.

Watch video below:

Reacting to ...…

@mr___presley said: “95%???? If no be say u urself don start this work from child birth, ur parents or guardian failed u woman”

@dailybread_evangelism said: “Having multiple gf doesn’t mean u are smart, it only shows dat u don’t have taste”

@justshuga said: “Speak for yourself abeg.. it’s obvious u don’t know maths, and surely don’t know what 95% of girls population in Lagos is … olodo”

@gmonibabiy said: “to a women that love one man and don’t sell her body out for money may God protect u and bless you abundantly ijn”

@official_wendy__ said: “My dear sister speak for yourself and your friends, some people wake up every morning and head to work…”