A Beginne’s Guide To Zanzibar Island: What To See And Do In Zanzibar


A Beginne’s Guide To Zanzibar Island: What To See And Do In Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a large island from the archipelago of the same name. It is located in the Indian Ocean and belongs to the United Republic of Tanzania.

The territory is separated from the African mainland by the Zanzibar Strait. The most populous and largest city in Zanzibar has the same name and is located in the west. The area of the island is about 1.5 thousand square kilometers. The territory of the island is divided into three regions: Central-South, Western, and Northern. Zanzibar is hot all year round, as the island is near the equator.

In summer it is about 27-28 degrees here, and in winter – about 30-33 degrees. Water near the coastline is always warm and warms up to 26-28 degrees all year round, so you can swim in any season.

The Most Beautiful Cities To Visit On Zanzibar Island

Here are the most popular cities among locals and tourists.

  1. The capital and heart of Zanzibar is Stone Town or Mji Mkongwe. It is one of the most incredible places in Zanzibar. The town is mottled with streets and numerous bazaars, forts, houses, mosques, and courtyards. There are also palaces, mansions, and beautiful cathedrals.


  1. Mangapwani is a town with a beach with the same name and numerous caves. If you like a relaxing and secluded vacation, then go to Mangapwani. The beaches of Kiwengwa and Uroa, are diver’s paradises, with a rich and stunning underwater world. In the southeast of Mangapwani, there is a magnificent Pingwe beach, and here you can not just sunbathe and swim, but fish or watch fishermen.
  2. Nungwi is famous for its beaches of incredible beauty. There are a lot of tourists here, so the hotel rooms are the most expensive. This resort has a well-developed infrastructure, so there is everything you need for a comfortable life.
  3. Kendwa is a popular resort and the area has low tides, unlike some other places. There are quite a few hotels, but no crowds. Enjoy the sun or sit in the shade, enjoy local foods and drinks, and play bet in Ghana on your smartphone.


As for the Zanzibar beaches, almost all of them are beautiful, but in the capital, there is a port area, and therefore the coast is not very suitable for swimming and rest. But you can relax and enjoy the white sand and the gentle, clear, and warm ocean on other beaches.

This beautiful and culture-rich island has lots to offer to tourists.

  1. The historical center of Stone Town. The old part of the island’s capital is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see masterpieces of architecture of different nationalities and eras.
  2. The Palace Of Wonders In Stone Town aka Beit-al-Ajaib. This magnificent palace used to be the palace of the Sultans.
  3. The Maruhubi historical sites. Two kilometers from the city of Zanzibar you can find the ruins of the Maruhubi complex, which was once the most beautiful structure on the island. Today, only a small part of it has been preserved.
  4. The tortoise sanctuary on the Prison Island (Changuu Island).

Not far from Stone Town in the ocean is the former Prison Island with the impressive tortoise sanctuary.

  1. The Old Fort in Zanzibar. Zanzibar has quite a few forts, and the most popular of them is the  Old Fort. Located on the seafront, Old Fort dates back to the 17th century.
  2. The Jozani Forest. There are rainforests on the island and some of them are enjoyed by tourists. Visit the beautiful Jozani forest to see mangroves, huge ferns, and palm trees. You can navigate over small wooden bridges.
  3. Coral Caves in Mangapwani, also known as Slave Caves. In the town of Mangapwani, there are Coral Caves, which used to be inhabited by slaves, as well as a striking beauty Coral Cave.
  4. Mtoni Palace Ruins In Zanzibar. Tourists will be impressed by the ruins of the ancient palace Mtoni.
  5. The Old Slave Market in Stone Town.
  6. The Menai Bay Conservation Area.

Since Zanzibar is a beautiful and interesting place to visit, you can do many great things here.

  1. See the majestic Kilimanjaro volcano or get up close to it on a guided tour.
  2. Go on a so-called “spice tour”, i.e. a spice tour. Not so long ago, Zanzibar supplied most of the world’s spices, so they know their stuff.
  3. Visit the Cultural Arts Gallery, Piece Memorial Museum, and the Hellen Art Gallery in Zanzibar. Several museums in Zanzibar will help you get to know the island better and learn a bit about its history and life.
  4. Enjoy shopping. Go to the local bazaar in Zanzibar and buy traditional Zanzibar souvenirs: wood, wood and wood products.
  5. Be sure to try the local exotic fruits and their freshness. Everything is very fresh and incredibly delicious!
  6. Enjoy the water sports on one of the Zanzibar beaches. It is possible and even necessary to do one of the water sports, because there is such a beautiful sea with almost transparent warm water! You can dive, fish, or surf here.


These are only some of the amazing things to do in Zanzibar. So why not embark on a Zanzibar journey then?