A leaked video shows the beautiful OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus Watch 2 video leak jpg.webp

If the rumors hold true, then we are only days away from seeing the second flagship smartwatch from OnePlus. After the very bad performance of the first wearable, which launched back in 2021, the company is looking to right its wrong. We have a new leaked video of the OnePlus Watch 2, and it leaves very little to the imagination. This news comes soon after the launch date for the OnePlus Watch 2 leaked.

Right now, we don’t know too much about this watch. It’s expected to have a 1.43-inch AMOLED display and amazing battery life. In fact, some of the few good points about the first OnePlus watch were the battery and charging. However, other than that information, we don’t know anything else about this watch.

A new leaked video shows the OnePlus watch in all of its flat Glory

Rumors pointed to OnePlus going for a flat design this time around, and this leaked video further confirms that. In the video, we see a smartwatch emerging from the darkness and showing off a flat face. It then flies towards the screen as another watch appears right behind it. The two watches rotate and come to a rest near the right side of the screen, showing off the different color watch bands, two different colors of metal, and the protrusions on the right side of the watches that will house the button and the crown.

Looking at the watch faces shown on the watches, it’s clear that OnePlus is going for a more traditional look and feel. The first watch face we see is made to resemble a traditional mechanical watch. All in all, it looks like OnePlus was going for more of a look similar to the Galaxy Watch while still maintaining an identity all its own.

Right now, information about this watch is pretty scarce. We don’t quite know about the internals, features, or price. Leaked information does state that this will be OnePlus’ first Wear OS watch. We’re not quite sure if it’s going to launch with Wear OS 3 or Ware OS 4. For that, we’re going to have to wait for it to officially launch.

According to a reliable tipster, this watch should be launching on February 26th. If that’s the case, then this watch is launching in less than a week.