AbokiFX Dollar To Naira Black Market Exchange Rate For Today April 24, 2024

USD to naira dollar to naira exchange rate

Looking to stay updated on the current exchange rate of the Aboki Dollar to Naira in the black market? Your search ends here!

In this article, we aim to keep you informed with the latest developments regarding the Aboki Dollar exchange rate, empowering you to make informed decisions about your currency transactions.

Understanding Aboki Dollar:

The term “Aboki Dollar” refers to the informal currency exchange market prevalent in Nigeria. In this market, people, colloquially known as “Abokis,” facilitate transactions involving foreign currencies, such as the US Dollar (USD) to Nigerian Naira (NGN).

Operating outside the formal banking system, the Aboki Dollar market plays a significant role in the Nigerian economy.

Current Aboki Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate:

As of April 24th, 2024, the exchange rate for the Aboki Dollar to Naira in the black market may fluctuate based on various factors including market dynamics, demand, and supply.

According to data collected by GoldenNewNG from Aboki traders in Lagos, the prevailing rates are as follows:

Aboki Black Market Rate Today (April 24, 2024):

– Buying Rate: ₦1,255.00
– Selling Rate: ₦1,274.00

Stay tuned for real-time updates and insights into the Aboki Dollar exchange rate to make informed financial decisions.