Actor Timini speechless as Igbo billionaires spends excessively at a recent event, video trends

  • Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson loses his temper after reacting to a video showcasing Igbo billionaires spending excessively at a recent event.
  • The video highlights the significant contributions of the Igbo tribe to Nigeria’s society.
  • The venue was filled with wads of cash sprayed by Igbo billionaires during an event.

Timini Egbuson, a popular Nollywood actor, completely loses it after reacting to a viral video showing Igbo billionaires spending lavishly at a recent event.

In the video, the Igbos made it clear to everyone that they have the biggest doings among the tribe in Nigeria.

The entire floor of the venue was covered in wads of cash sprayed by Igbo billionaires while they enjoyed the celebration.

This comes days after Timini declares that he is the biggest actor in Africa, and by extension, his colleague Zubby Micheal disproved it, insisting that he is the biggest.

Speaking from his net worth, Zubby Micheal claimed that he is capable of buying his colleague Timini, who claims to be the biggest.

Actor Timini feels humiliated and responds to Zubby Micheal, who says he can buy him off, claiming that Zubby has been living a fake life.

Timini stated that he is genuine, unlike Zubby Micheal, who borrowed cars due of his connections with wealthy people in Igbo land.

Sharing a video showing Igbo billionaires spaying wads of cash worth multimillion of naira at an event, an Instagram blog Gossipmill wrote: “Wahala be like Bicycle!!! Where Una Dey see this Money??? Igbo Billionaires spotted spraying Timini’s Networth!!! 🚴🏿‍♀️🚴🏿‍♀️🚴🏿‍♀️💨.”

Timini certainly catches the sub and, as a result, responds to the blog without wasting time. The actor confirms that it is a big flex for the Igbos when it comes to spending.

He wrote, “Flex 😂.”

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