Actor Williams Uchemba condemns women choice of outfits to the gym

williams uchemba

Williams Uchemba vehemently complains about the seductive attire ladies now wear to the gym, revealing that he has stopped attending there because of this.

The actor addressed women on his Instagram page, warning them that it is wrong to dress like that in public.

It was recently reported that another lady had complained about the same clothing issue.

Williams Uchemba noted that these scanty dressed women are now occupying the gym in their numbers, which is getting increasingly appalling.

He also stated that he had to leave the public gym and put up one at home due to the dressing issue.

He closed the video by recommending women to find decent clothes and wear them to the gym rather than unnecessary temptation  men who just want to exercise.

Watch video below

Reacting to ...….

@zedozinho said: “Self control. As a man you cannot and shouldn’t look to control people. Control yourself, look away. Put your headphones on focus on your reps.”

@sylvia.ok added: “I am a 58 year old woman that goes to the gym and my eyes have seen pepper! These women might as well come naked to the gym. They don’t understand that one exudes sexiness when decently dressed but looks absolutely tacky and sleazy when scantily clad. Ladies, cover yourselves and avoid contracting crap at the gym. Keep your privates, private! ”

@realjudy_ claimed: “The Werey girls are deliberately doing that shit, dem wan catch fish, na Mumu dey fall for such cheap trap”

@tis_bella opined: “There should be space for women and men just like in abroad. Let them start from there.”

@iamdjayjospa commented: “I am still trying to find out who actually gave this the ideal that gym house is where you find husband or those that are into hookups, i am still finding it difficult to understand their cr*zy pattern of dressing to the gym this days. One lady made a video on this same complain. Especially Nigerians, we do things too extra mehn, way too extra”