Adebanjo Advises Tinubu Towards Ending Economic Hardship, Insecurity, Others

Adebanjo has advised Tinubu towards ending economic hardship and insecurity in Nigeria.


NaijaOnPoint Nigeria reports that a chieftain of Afenifere, Ayo Adebanjo, has said no amount of amendments to the 1999 Constitution will solve the various challenges facing the nation.

Adebanjo said the present law guiding the nation is broken and until the constitution is restructured to reflect true federalism, the country would not enjoy peace.



He said the solution to the economic hardship, protests, insecurity challenges and the slide of the naira is to change the constitution back to federalism.


Speaking with TheCable on Saturday, Adebanjo called for the outright overhaul of the 1999 constitution and the birth of a new constitution.


He said: “The issue of insecurity and bad economy are products of the fraudulent constitution that we are using. There can be no progress until that constitution is thoroughly changed. A surgical operation must be done on that constitution.


“Until they bring down this constitution and we have a new beginning, we can’t make any headway. You are just patching things up, amending a constitution that you didn’t make. You are amending a constitution that is already broken-down.


“They will talk of state police today, resource control tomorrow and then they will take the constitution amendment to the parliament. Yet, the parliament is a product of fraud.


“No matter what they are doing, it can’t work. Let all the federating states be autonomous. Let’s go back to the 1963 constitution. No more, no less. Anything short of that, you are just wasting your time.”


Adebanjo’s comments come amid the plan by the National Assembly to amend the 1999 constitution to address some concerns in the country.


With 40 amendment bills received so far, the constitution review committee is expected to be inaugurated on Monday, February 26.