All Spotify Car Thing units will stop working this year

Spotify Car Thing Unit jpg.webp

Spotify confirmed that it will kill all Car Thing units that are active today. The devices will simply stop working starting December 9, 2024. The sudden news is leaving several users unhappy. They feel that the device could continue working without a problem even if it loses official support.

Car Thing is a car display focused on enjoying your music and podcasts on Spotify while you drive. However, the product was not attractive enough to grab the users the company wanted. After all, there are similar products that offer much greater functionality and support for more apps. Car Thing couldn’t do anything against Android Auto or CarPlay displays, for example.

Spotify will kill all Car Thing units later this year

After crashing in sales, the company discontinued the device in 2022. However, they had stated that “existing devices will perform as intended.” Sadly, the situation has changed, since Spotify is going to kill all Car Thing units. The company notified users of the device through email. There is also a notice on the Car Thing official website. The notice says that “Car Thing is being discontinued and will no longer be operational after December 9, 2024.”

Neither the email nor the Car Thing official site offer a reason to justify the functional shutdown of the product. So, users are not at all happy that a device they paid for will simply stop working. Especially when the company had guaranteed that it would continue to operate normally.

Spotify is even advising Car Thing users to ditch their devices. But first, the company reminds you to do a factory reset to protect your credentials. Sadly, the decision does not seem likely to be reversed. That said, some users have been able to install Android Auto on the device to give it a new life. However, not everyone has the knowledge or time necessary to do so.