Amazon Music AI playlist feature goes live to take on Spotify

Amazon Music AH NS 03

Popular music streaming platform Spotify started testing a new AI playlist generator feature earlier this month. In response, Amazon Music has also launched its own AI playlist creator, which is called Maestro. The Amazon Music AI playlist feature is currently in the beta stage. It is only available to a handful of customers in the US on Android and iOS platforms. It is popping up to customers of all Amazon Music tiers including free, Prime, and Unlimited.

Amazon Music’s Maestro AI playlist generator helps you create any playlist you can think of

A subset of Amazon Music consumers in the US will find the Maestro icon on their home screen. The icon will also pop up whenever they press the plus button to create a new playlist. Now, they can either talk or type the playlist idea and hit “Let’s go!” button. After a few seconds, the Amazon Music AI playlist feature will automatically generate a curated list around the idea.

The idea behind Maestro is to utilize the natural language prompts to generate any kind of music playlist imaginable. The users are free to include emojis, sounds, activities, and emotions in their prompts. Maestro will also suggest a handful of automatically generated prompts, which you can use to create an AI-generated playlist. Once the playlist is generated, you can add it to your collection or share it with your friends to listen to.

Amazon Music AI playlist feature technology is still in beta at the moment

In its blog post, Amazon mentioned that its AI playlist feature technology is still in the beta stage at the moment. So, the tech behind Maestro “won’t always get it right the first time”. Similar to Spotify, Amazon has also implemented some guardrails to the feature. It can proactively block offensive words and other inappropriate prompts. It will continue to improve over time with consumer feedback to provide the safest experience for everyone.

It’s worth mentioning that Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can stream Maestro-generated playlists instantly or save them for later. However, Prime users and members of the ad-supported free subscription of the app can listen to 30-second previews of their AI-generated playlists before saving them. Once the testing is complete, the company will be rolling out the feature to more consumers in the near future.