Android 15 could revamp the status bar

Android 15 is getting closer, and we are still discovering new information about this next iteration of Android. As discovered by noted Android engineer Mishaal Rahmen, a part of Android that has been the same for years. Android 15 could revamp the status bar.

The status bar is part of the UI that sits at the top of the screen. It displays your battery level notifications, Wi-Fi/data connection status, Etc. While Android has changed over the years, the icons in the status bar have remained the same. It changed a little over the years, but not much. So, Android 15 could breathe new life into the status bar.

Android 15 could revamp the status bar

Right now, we are dealing with very early information. There is no guarantee that the changes made in the developer preview will be reflected in the final release. So, you will want to take this news with a grain of salt. Anything could change between now and the official release.

What’s probably the biggest change is the battery icon. We are all used to seeing the battery icon standing vertically with the percentage right next to it in stock Android. It has not changed over the years. However, the battery icon will be bigger in Android 15. Also, we see that it’s lying down rather than standing up.

The most notable thing about this is the fact that the battery percentage could sit inside of the battery. Also, when your phone is plugged in, we’ll see a little lightning icon appear next to the battery percentage. The picture below shows how this will look in both light mode and dark mode.

Android 15 new status bar (2)Android 15 new status bar (2)Android 15 new status bar (1)Android 15 new status bar (1)

Another thing we noticed is the Wi-Fi icon. We’re used to seeing the downward-facing wedge showing the Wi-Fi signal strength. Historically, it’s been one singular shape. However, with Android 15, it appears that Google is going to go for a segmented icon. So, you will see each signal bar at its own element. We see the same thing for the data signal icon.

It’s unlikely that we will see these new icons in the developer preview. However, it’s possible that we will see it in one of the beta versions of the software. Stay tuned for more news on it.