Angela Okorie tackles Zubby Michael for attending Junior pope’s burial

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In a new and recent development, actress Angela Okorie has continued to press her leg on her fellow actor Zubby Michael’s neck.

Recall that in the past weeks since the untimely passing of Junior Pope she has been consistently calling out Zubby Michael for being a bad friend and an older all evil doer.

This time around, she commented on his attendance at Junior Pope’s funeral earlier. Taking to her Instagram story, she expressed that Zubby Michael had not gone to the burial because of his love for Junior Pope, but rather it was all for propaganda’s sake.

She further expressed that he had only gone because of all the dragons he had received from her. She further commented on the colour he wore to the wedding, stating that he had worn red to go for burial, as if he was in an occult meeting.

She disclosed that anything anybody wants to do in this life, they should endeavor not to die, because once a person dies, everything about them is forgotten. She also sadly mourned Junior Pope, while she thanked him for all the beautiful memories they both created. In her words, she had this to say.

“This world self

Zubby no go that burial because he too love Jumior pop o, Na Propaganda he Dey do

Cos I don dr gam pass I pass my Nabour generator, Ni wear red go burial like say na ogwuego meeting he Dey go.

Anything you do in this life

No de o, refuse to de o

It’s unfortunate am in America Cos na film people for watch


Abi Red na burial color?

Chail JP. Nwannem

Thank you for all the beautiful memories you shared with us, You will never be forgotten.

Go well Nwannem.”