Anker's 60,000mAh power bank just dropped down to $105

Anker 548 Powercore Deal jpg.webp

Power banks are great for that quick on-hand boost of energy when you’re on the go, but sometimes you’re at home or you’re camping and you need something a little more, robust, like the Annker 548 power bank that Amazon has a deal on right now. It’s normally $150 but you can pick it up for $105 for a limited time.

Anker makes lots of power banks. But this isn’t your ordinary power bank. It’s a power bank with a hidden secret. It has a pop-up lamp on the top! Not only that but it has a massive 60,000mAh battery capacity inside. So when this thing is fully charged, you’ll have enough power to juice up multiple devices simultaneously. Not to mention multiple times. While it’s not as compact as many of the other power banks that Anker offers, it has loads of advantages. Aside from the larger size enabling more mAh capacity, it has a carry handle on top that you can use to move it around.

This and the larger battery capacity make this the perfect option for camping. As opposed to bringing a smaller power bank that maybe has enough juice for one device a couple of times. Plus, the pop-up lamp can keep the area lit while you have stuff charging. The whole thing is just a super useful gadget. When it comes to other features it has two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports, as well as DC ports, and an SOS button. The lamp portion even has two brightness modes.

Plus, if you want to know how much battery power is left within the Anker 548, there’s an LCD screen on the front that lists certain details. This includes the battery percentage, the remaining time, and how much output and input are being used.

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