Apple considered Meta to help with Apple Intelligence

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Apple shook the world when it announced Apple Intelligence, and we’re still feeling the aftershocks. We all know that Apple tapped OpenAI to aid its online-based AI. However, a new report states that Apple also considered Meta as a potential AI partner.

During WWDC 2024, Apple showed off its specific vision for artificial intelligence. Named Apple Intelligence, it basically gives your iPhone a 200-point IQ. During the event, Apple also announced that it partnered with OpenAI to give users access to GPT-4o for online-based AI. So anything that Apple Intelligence isn’t intelligent enough to complete will be sent to the cloud to be processed.

While Apple eventually shook hands with OpenAI, it was also in talks with Google about much the same thing. However, recent reports state that Apple is still open to the idea of partnering with Google to give people access to more models.

Apple was in talks with Meta about implementing its AI

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Apple is being so open-minded about its AI. Let’s be honest, Apple isn’t quite the best company when it comes to offering choices. So, it’s a little surprising that Apple wants to provide so many options for AI models. We’ll just have to see how open it is once it completes its own models.

In any case, a new report from the Wall Street Journal states that Apple was also in talks with Meta about using its models to help its AI. If so, then iPhones would most likely reach out to the company’s Llama 3 model. This is what’s powering the AI tools found across Meta’s products.

Just like with Google, we’re not sure if Apple will eventually make Meta’s AI an additional option along with GPT-4o. If so, then people will not be starved for options. What makes this better is the fact that Apple also tapped companies like Anthropic and Perplexity for much the same thing.

If so, then the iPhone could be a hub to access different AI models. That will benefit users all around the world who want to have access to multiple models.

Right now, this is still early information, so you’ll want to take this news with a grain of salt. Apple is still new to the AI game, so everything is still up in the air.