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Apple explored Smart Ring, Glasses, and AirPods with cameras: Report

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Apple explored the development of new wearable devices, as reported by Mark Gurman on Bloomberg. These potential innovations include a fitness ring, smart glasses, and AirPods integrated with cameras, aiming to enhance Apple’s wearable technology offerings and expand its business ventures.

Apple’s wearable division, encompassing products like the Apple Watch and AirPods, has emerged as a significant revenue contributor, currently constituting 10% of the company’s earnings.

According to Mark Gurman, the exploration of new wearable concepts underscores Apple’s commitment to furthering its foothold in this lucrative market segment.

Apple Fitness Ring Concept

A concept initially proposed by Apple’s industrial design group, the fitness ring idea integrates health-tracking features akin to the Apple Watch into a compact ring form.

While still in the conceptual stage, it signifies Apple’s intent to diversify its wearable lineup beyond traditional devices like the Apple Watch.

Smart Glasses Development

Recent discussions among Apple’s engineers in Cupertino have revolved around the development of smart glasses. Such a venture aligns with Apple’s aspiration for true augmented reality spectacles.

These glasses could incorporate audio capabilities, reducing the need for AirPods, while leveraging AI and cameras to provide enhanced real-world interaction.

AirPods with Advanced Features

Apple is also exploring the integration of cameras and advanced sensors into AirPods, potentially enhancing their functionality beyond audio. This investigation, codenamed B798, underscores Apple’s commitment to innovation in the wearable technology space.

Pressure for Innovation

While these ideas are in various stages of exploration within Apple, including the hypothetical ring and the glasses in the “technology investigation” phase, they signify Apple’s ongoing efforts to innovate in the wearable space.

These ventures could potentially attract new customers, foster growth, and deepen consumer engagement with the Apple ecosystem. By offering lower-cost wearable options, Apple may rejuvenate its sales trajectory without cannibalizing existing product lines.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the realization of these concepts, Apple remains under pressure to invigorate its offerings amidst market challenges, as noted by Mark Gurman.