Apple ID could get rebranded to 'Apple Account'

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Apple is reportedly considering rebranding its ubiquitous Apple ID to a more encompassing “Apple Account.” The move could indicate that the Apple ecosystem might undergo changes in the upcoming years.

The Apple ID has served as the cornerstone and unique identifier of the Apple experience for over a decade, letting users access their devices, make purchases on the App Store, and securely store personal information.

However, the term “Apple ID” may no longer fully capture the breadth and depth of functionalities Apple offers across its various platforms. Thus, the company plans to change the name to Apple Account.

Apple Account replaces Apple ID, and more changes might come to Apple ecosystem

People familiar with the matter told MacRumors that the iPhone maker is still evaluating the name. But it might rebrand Apple ID to Apple Account later this year. The rebranding coincides with the release of iOS 18 and macOS 15. All Apple apps and services will notify their users of the change.

Apple uses the “Apple Account” term on some parts of its website, but it has nothing to do with the current Apple ID functionality.

Apple has yet to stay tight-lipped on why it wants to rebrand the well-known Apple ID to Apple Account. Moreover, the report doesn’t mention other changes that might come to the Apple ecosystem.

Given that the EU is forcing Apple to let app sideloading on iOS, the upcoming rebranding might signal that Apple wants to reshape its whole ecosystem. Apple Account could provide users with a centralized hub for managing their privacy preferences, subscriptions, and other settings.

Apple Account might never come to life

This rumor has sparked conflicting opinions among Apple users. Some users have welcomed this change, and some suggest the company to stick to the current Apple ID. For example, a user wrote that the term Apple ID refers to both the user’s account and your username, making it confusing to manage account.

Of course, the Apple ID rebranding news may remain a rumor and never come true. It all depends on Apple’s examination of how users perceive the change.