Apple may use Samsung's new thicker glass for foldables

Samsung galaxy z flip 5 AM AH 04 jpg.webp

Recent reports claim that Samsung has a thicker glass ready for foldable devices. The new UTG (Ultra Thin Glass) solution would debut on the Galaxy Z Flip 6. However, Apple would also benefit from Samsung’s thicker foldable glass.

As reported by The Elec, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 glass would be noticeably ticker compared to its predecessor (Z Flip 5). More specifically, it would have a thickness of 50 microns, while the previous generation model had 30 micron. So, the UTG of Samsung’s next Z Flip would be around 65% ticker.

Apple’s first foldable devices would use new Samsung’s thicker glass

Samsung’s new thicker glass would arrive just in time for Apple’s first foldable devices. Recently, DigiTimes reported that Samsung and Apple reached an agreement to provide folding screens to the Cupertino giant. Apparently, one of the main doubts that Apple had regarding these devices was durability. However, the source claims that Samsung managed to convince them of the reliability and resistance of its folding screens.

It is not yet known which would be the first Apple device with a foldable screen. It’s unclear whether it will be an iPhone, an iPad, or even a Mac (or even all of them). Jeff Pu, a Haitong International Securities analyst, has hinted that Apple is testing a 20.3-inch foldable screen for a Mac. Additionally, the company would be testing 7.9 and 8.3-inch foldable screens. The latter would be for a possible foldable iPhone.

The advantages of the new glass

The extra thickness in the glass could bring some durability and aesthetic advantages. First, the screen surface would be much more resistant than before. Now it would be more difficult to leave marks or scratches due to daily use. In addition, the crease on the screen would be much less visible. The presence of a crease is one of the main complaints regarding foldable phones. As you fold and unfold them, the crease in the middle becomes more and more noticeable.

Some Chinese manufacturers have worked to significantly reduce the crease on their foldable phones. However, Samsung has maintained a slightly more conservative line generation after generation. Now, the company would catch up in terms of resistance and durability. And Apple’s first foldable devices would also benefit from Samsung’s latest thicker glass.