Apple plans to launch M5 MacBook with foldable display in 2026

Apple MacBook Air M2 AM AH0

Apple seems to be working on the first MacBook with a foldable display. The brand has huge plans for the upcoming year 2026. The competitors are going with the foldable smartphones and Apple wants to create its own track by launching a full-screen foldable MacBook.

M5 MacBook with foldable display is coming soon in 2026

The known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously said that Apple is working on a new 20.3-inch MacBook. It will be launched in 2027. The analyst has a good track record when it comes to Apple. He has now said that we will soon get to see a future MacBook with a foldable display. Not only this, the analyst has shared several key specifications of it.

According to Kuo, the M5 MacBook will come in multiple screen sizes. The main screen will measure the screen size of 18.8 inches. It will measure around 14-15 inches when folded. The official launch will happen as early as 2026. The M5 chipset will power it. The launch timelines seem very much on-point given that M4 MacBooks will be out by the end of 2025.

Furthermore, he says that we should not expect the foldable MacBook to be priced competitively. Apple is trying to make the panel as crease-free as possible. To achieve this, the brand will have to use high-quality displays which will directly result in a price increase for the gadget. He also claims that the BOM cost of this foldable MacBook could exceed that of the Apple Vision Pro.

The display of upcoming foldable MacBook will measure 18.8-inches

Ming-Ching Kuo has shared possible screen size options for the future MacBook. Another source, Ross Young, supports this claim. According to Young, Apple has chosen an 18.8-inch display for the upcoming foldable MacBook, with the precise size being 18.76 inches. The upcoming MacBook will have similar dimensions to the 13-inch MacBook Air and will be close in size to the 15-inch models when unfolded. The rumored specifications are very interesting, and we are eager to test them out.