Apple reportedly working on a smart ring to follow Samsung

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The smart wearables market continues to grow as technology advances and consumers seek new ways to track their health and activities. While the smartwatch has been the dominant form factor for some time now, it seems that other areas are starting to gain traction – including the smart ring.

As Samsung prepares to launch its new Galaxy Ring later this year, sources (via Electronic Times) indicate that Apple is accelerating the development of its own smart ring device. The tech giant has been keeping a close eye on the wearable category. And it reportedly sees a ring as a viable option to complement its existing Apple Watch lineup.

Apple may soon enter the smart ring industry

Apple is said to have been exploring a smart ring concept for several years through numerous patent applications. Now, however, the market seems to be maturing. Just as Samsung is about to publicly unveil its take on the product. This could be an incentive for Apple to finally bring its vision of a finger-worn wearable to fruition in the near future.

If developed, Apple’s smart ring would likely focus on health tracking. Much like its competitors. It would monitor key biometrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and even body temperature directly from the finger. Sleep tracking would also be a priority since people often wear rings while sleeping. Convenience features such as contactless payments using NFC technology could allow users to tap to pay on the go.

Tight integration with iOS and other Apple devices would be expected, of course. Data collected by the ring would sync seamlessly with Apple Health. Also, a multi-day battery is critical for a wearable that is meant to stay on the finger at all times.

On the other hand, Samsung seems poised to establish itself as an early mover in the smart ring market with its Galaxy Ring. The device is said to include features such as blood flow monitoring and ECG readings. Sleep tracking and wireless device control/payment capabilities could be present too.

According to an earlier report, Samsung will begin mass production of the device in the second quarter. The company plans to unveil it “at an Unpacked event in the second half of July.” This is when Samsung is expected to host the second Unpacked of the year.

The report suggests that Apple is coordinating the timing of a potential Smart Ring launch to follow the consumer reception of Samsung’s unveiling. Waiting to “not be first” fits with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s strategy. Only time will tell if Apple makes its smart ring dreams a reality in the near future.