Apple's new AI model will help Siri catch up with other assistants

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Apple has just introduced a novel AI model that is promising to improve Siri by making it almost as smart as ChatGPT and other top AI tools. In their recent paper, titled “ReALM: Reference Resolution As Language Modeling,” Apple researchers explain how its AI system intends to increase response accuracy by using contextual information on a device’s screen and ongoing tasks.

Apple introduces a better AI Model to enhance Siri’s performance and rival GPT-4

The central aim is for Siri to understand user queries better regarding elements such as displayed images, background music, or active tasks. According to DigiTimesAsia, this contextual awareness makes this AI surpass GPT-4, an eminent large language model for “reference resolution”.

This development is a significant leap forward for Siri which has previously been a less intelligent and underperforming assistant compared to others. If it can rival leading AI models, Siri would ultimately lose its label as a subpar assistant and give users a more sophisticated experience.

It’s worth mentioning that this accomplishment is remarkable considering the reputation of other companies’ AI assistants. Similarly, Samsung’s Bixby has been performing poorly, but even this voice assistant is moving towards incorporating generative AI features.

By competing with GPT-4, Apple underlines how much ground the company has gained with its on-device AI, positioning itself among major players in the field of artificial intelligence. While mainly focusing on one task in particular, the research does have great implications for Siri’s overall performance.

Curiously enough, even Apple’s smallest language model performs comparably well against GPT-4, demonstrating the impact of its investigations in developing AI technology. According to the company, there is room for further enhancement especially when dealing with hard questions that require fine-grained positional understanding.

Apple plans to introduce this new AI model with iOS 18

Apple’s artificial intelligence technology will likely integrate with iOS 18. The WWDC 2024 event scheduled for June is expected to unveil Apple’s latest software updates and may include improved Siri features. Greg Joswiak, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple has hinted at the ground-breaking nature of this year’s conference.

Apple continuously improves Siri’s AI and users should expect more intelligent and responsive digital assistants. Here, Apple’s progress reveals its determination to compete and outdo other players on AI grounds thus promising a lot of excitement over machine learning adoption in future iOS releases.