Arena Breakout is coming to PC later this year

Arena Breakout PC scaled.webp

Popular mobile mil-sim shooter Arena Breakout is making the jump to PC later this year. It’ll officially be called Arena Breakout Infinite when it lands, and it’ll be available as a free-to-play title on Steam and Windows. Arena Breakout Infinite is an extraction shooter so expect it to have some similarities to games like Tarkov. However, don’t expect it to be completely the same.

Developers MoreFun Studios (owned by Tencent) states that players will get an unparalleled experience with firearm customization and warfare realism. The studio also appears to toss a little shade at other games in the genre. “Infinite will deliver the most visually stunning and immersive FPS experience that isn’t in a perpetual alpha state,” the studio said in a press release. We won’t begin to speculate which game (or games) MoreFun is referencing. But it’s clear that the studio feels Arena Breakout Infinite offers one of the best experiences in this genre.

In addition to the PC announcement, MoreFun has put out a teaser cinematic, which you can watch below. That being said, the trailer doesn’t show you much, and there’s no footage of gameplay. So if you’re curious to see how the plays, you’ll need to look at videos of the mobile version. Keep in mind that the graphics for the PC version will no doubt look better as this doesn’t appear to be a straight port.

Arena Breakout Infinite will get a PC beta in May

If you want to try out the game for yourself, you will be able to do so in the near future. Today’s announcement about the PC release comes alongside the announcement of a closed beta. The beta will take place in early May according to the studio and you can sign up for it right now via the official website. Arena Breakout seeks to set itself apart with the incredibly monstrous list of weapon attachments you can apply to your guns.

The studio says there are over 500 attachments you can apply and that you can mix and match them to find a gun that fits your playstyle. What’s more, is that there are over 30 gun slots to put the attachments onto. So you have a lot of room for customization to create a weapon that’s unique to you. The game will also feature 360-degree spatial sound effects and real-time lighting. Arena Breakout Infinite will launch on PC “soon,” but it doesn’t have a confirmed date.