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Around 31.5 million Nigerians projected to be in food crisis between June and August- Report 

A new report by Cadre Harmonise reveals that no fewer than 31.5 million Nigerians are on the verge of food insecurity between June and August 2024.

This is aggravated by the removal of the fuel subsidy, affecting the macroeconomics through inflation in agricultural inputs and transport.

The report noted that around 14000 IDPs and about 24.7 million people in 26 states of the country and the FCT stand the risk of going hungry between March and May 2024. Those in IDP camps totalled over 83,000 according to estimates.  

The report indicated that livelihood evolution was facing either stress or crisis in all the states analysed.  

According to the report, the primary factors contributing to the crisis were conflict and insecurity, fuel scarcity, currency devaluation of the naira, and increasing inflation and Consumer Price Index (CPI) rates. 

In its earlier report in last year on food security in Nigeria, the Cadre Harmonise stated that around 26.5 million people in Nigeria stand the risk of food crisis and hunger in 2024 over expected food inflation and insecurity.  

The food inflation rate soared to 35.4% in January according to the NBS and it is expected to grow higher according to current projections.  

Beyond the increased cost of production as a result of high transport prices, insecurity is another factor pushing the food aspect of the CPI over the roof.

The federal government have mulled the idea of establishing state police to enhance the security architecture, especially in the fragile northeast region.