AT&T wants to make things right after its massive outage

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Last Thursday, AT&T experienced a massive outage across its network, and that left many customers without any way to contact others using their phones. It also led people to believe that all of the major American carriers went down. This was pretty big news, and it attracted the attention of the Federal Trade Commission (FCC). Well, AT&T is looking to “Make it right,” and it’s applying a credit to customers affected by the outage.

AT&T issued an apology not too long ago about the network outage. “We apologize and recognize the frustration this outage has caused and know we let many of our customers down.” This apology was pasted to an update page on the AT&T website, and it was echoed on a page explaining the reason behind the outage.

The company states that the cause of the outage “was due to the application and execution of an incorrect process used while working to expand our network,”. It also specifies that because was not a cyberattack. This is one thing that many people worry about, as a Cyberattack can lead to many unsavory ramifications. AT&T states that there was no cyberattack, but the FCC is still investigating the matter. If it turns out that AT&T experienced a cyberattack, the FCC will act accordingly.

AT&T is issuing a credit for people affected by the outage (rather, it’s issuing a credit*)

On an AT&T page titled Make It Right, the company explains that it’s going to be issuing a credit to the accounts affected by the outage. So, if you lost connection during the outage, then your bill is will shed a little weight. One thing to know is that there’s a big fat asterisk after the word “credit.” Whenever you see one of those, there’s always a better fine print to look at. The gist of it is that the credit does not apply to AT&T Business accounts AT&T prepaid accounts, or Cricket accounts. Cricket, if you don’t know, is a subsidiary of AT&T.

Also, people expecting a large payout will be disappointed. People eligible for the credit will be getting a $5 credit on their account. It’s not gigantic, but, it’s something at least. You may also have to wait a while for your credit, as it states that the credit will be typically applied within two billing cycles.