AY And Mabel Fingered as SDK Shares Details of How Popular Comedian Wife Cheated Back-to-Back

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SDK, a gossip blogger, reveals the previously untold story of friends attempting to save a popular comedian’s marriage, which is now making headlines.

According to SDK, insider sources revealed a series of tumultuous events, including late-night returns of the wife, dressed provocatively, triggering confrontations with her spouse.

Following a viral Instagram post exposing marital discord, friends intervened, arranging dinners and discussions to reconcile the couple.

Despite initial reconciliations, tensions rose, resulting in the wife’s unexpected departure, which was followed by accusations of adultery and intentions for divorce.

It was also stated that the comedian’s wife is now having an affair with a government official in Lagos and previously had a brief relationship with a reality TV star.

The gist read:

“Behind The Curtain Story Of How Friends Tried To Save The Laugh Makers Marriage That Crashed

Insiders are whispering how friends tried to save the crashed Marriage of the laugh maker that is currently making the rounds…..Sit back as you are taken through how the whole event played outto the day she moved out……

Friends allege that the madam of the house suddenly started returning home at ungodly hours and always dressed in very very short attires ”sometimes she would come in at 2am or 3 am and she had no apologies or stories to back up her behaviour……On one of those nights as she stepped in, the laugh maker was waiting for her and when she came in he asked her where she was coming from but she told him that she owed him no explanations and he raised his voice on her with a threat…She ran outside and stayed there for a while and made that first post on Instagram that went viral” ( You remember ... na)

Insiders allege that ... went really viral and friends immediately rallied round to save the situation and embarrassing follow up…

A top and well-connected friend visited and had a moment with madam and she was asked what the laugh maker did that made her want to leave … She allegedly said she was tired and wanted more and he had nothing to offer her….She claimed he had siezed the car but that was not so..

The friend convinced both of them and took them out for Dinner to try to make peace but that dinner went seriously South and while trying to talk, madam shut down the laugh maker and he quietly left after a mini verbal brouhaha……

Another time, the laugh maker was seated in the living room waiting for her with their baby on his lap, and she stepped in around 2am and there they had verbal altercation and words were exchanged, madam allegedly told him, if he siezed the car, new one would arrive the next day…

Friends rallied round again and eight peace makers took the fighting couple to dinner and had a long talk with them…..

At the dinner with the eight friends present, peace was reached and both parties apologised to each other and their friends promised to fly them to the final of AFCON in a private jet if Nigeria made it to finals……..Both Madam and the laugh makers excitedly said it would be great to attend.

When Nigeria made it to finals, all plans were made but madam did not show up at the airport and did not pick up her phone and was nowhere to be seen and the friends who had arranged several peace meetings officlally backed out of the scenario….

Meanwhile madam continued with the late nights and allegedly boasted that if she wanted a house in Banana island she would get it…

She always arrived home with Police escort to pick up things and laugh maker was spotted always making videos of events as a spectator..

She allegedly came and went as she pleased and could not be questioned.

On a Monday, two weeks ago, she packed her things and said she was leaving and nobody could stop her…Laugh makers elder sister allegedly tried to talk sense into madam but she said that the Marriage was no longer the same because his behaviour had pushed her to do things that she could not undo….

She packed and zoomed off with her friend in tow and a policemen escorting her to her new destination.

She also informed laugh maker that she had contacted a Lawyer to see to the divorce……

The new man is whispered to be someone in government in Lagos state….

It is also alleged that Madam briefly romanced a big brother Naija housemate but the affiar ended when the laugh maker warned the reality TV star to stay away from his wife or get whats coming to him….

Friends who tried to make peace say the blame to the Marriage break up is 50/50 but the laugh maker was too in love with his wife to notice that someone else come to his tree to pluck his fruit.

Insiders say that those praying for them to come back as a couple should change their prayer point because” things have fallen apart and the centre cannot hold again…’”

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