AYANEO unveils retro handheld, mini PC, graphics dock & more

AYANEO Remak Pocket DMG jpeg.webp

AYANEO is a company that specializes in making handheld gaming PCs and handhelds running on Android, and now the company is branching out with its collection of retro-inspired AYANEO REMAKE products that kind of break away from what you might be used to seeing from the brand.

Dubbed the AYANEO REMAKE Product Sharing Session, AYANEO held an unveiling event on May 18. During this event, it announced a handful of new products that it plans to bring to market. One of those is the Game Boy-style Pocket DMG. It’s a souped-up vision of Nintendo’s iconic handheld, complete with extra controls like the mappable back buttons. It’s a device that looks set to take on the likes of the Analogue Pocket.

There’s also the retro mini PC. As well as the Pocket Micro – a device that serves a similar purpose to the Pocket DMG. Just in a much smaller form factor and with fewer buttons and features.

The AYANEO Remake products includes a graphics dock for the company’s handhelds

One of the more unique products is AYANEO’s Starship Graphics Dock called the AG01. It’s a sci-fi-themed GPU dock “inspired by the romantic era of space exploration” for the company’s Windows handhelds.

Hooking one of the handhelds up to this dock promises higher performance for PC gaming while at home. AYANEO’s handhelds might do great on their own. But you might encounter times when you want to play with the handheld docked so you can play on a bigger screen. Like a TV or monitor. And that’s kind of where the Starship Dock comes in.

The AG01 is powered by AMD’s Radeon RX 7600M XT mobile graphics card, which is based on the RDNA 3 architecture. It features 8GB of GDDR6 RAM and a game frequency of 2300MHz, as well as GPU power up to 120W. It won’t be the same as playing PC games on a proper desktop GPU. But it’ll be more powerful than what the handhelds offer.

The products don’t have a firm release date

Many of these products might excite you and that’s understandable. And because of the excitement you might naturally want to know when they’re available. Unfortunately, AYANEO hasn’t yet announced a release date for any of these products. The Starship GPU Dock for example doesn’t even have a confirmed color yet. AYANEO says that it’s going to let the community vote on Nebula Red and Cosmic Gray, and then it’ll launch the dock in whatever wins.

That should give you an idea of how far out some of these might be. Some of the smaller products with a less complex nature just might have a closer launch. For instance, the Retro Power Bank. It’s just like it sounds. A power bank with a retro design. In fact it draws inspiration from retro consoles not unlike the Famicom/NES and Super Famicom/Super NES systems with its overall aesthetics. As a power bank, it might take less time to develop and produce than almost everything else.