Bachelor sent Nigerian chefs to their early retirement as he shares state of beans he attempted to cook

Burnt beans
  • A bachelor leaves many ladies awe by sharing photos of a pot of beans he cooked after returning from work exhausted.
  • A young man shared a miraculous event on his Twitter account, @bishop_bisa, where he narrated the event.

Numerous women are left in awe as the Bachelor posts pictures of the pot of beans he attempted to cook after returning from work tired.

The young man described the remarkable occurrence that happened in a tweet that he uploaded on Twitter under the handle @bishop_bisa.

After a long day at work, he decided to parboil his beans.

Sadly, fatigue overcame him, and he dozed off without turning off the hot plate where he had placed the beans.

He was horrified to discover the beans burnt and black when he checked it in the morning.

The young man thanked God that he was still alive as things could have easily gotten ugly, but PHCN took the light by 5am.

burnt beans.png.webp

Reacting to ...…

@code_zilla wrote: “Thank God for your life!
On the other hand, you might be unto some groundbreaking delicacy here, all you need to do now is figure out the ingredients that needs to go with this. Say no to food wastage.”

@pasadinamuhnk added: “Black beans. Food for the gods. If you eat this you will start hearing things, seeing things & you will be able to attract the gatekeepers of wealth into your reality. Just eat 3 spoons every divine hour for 7days. With oil, garlic & alligator pepper. See you on the other side”

@youngladyniks commented: “Thank God for our power system. If them no take light, wetin for happen? You owe power company one o. Anyways, congratulation”

@Kryptoknighht said: “You can still consume this. Add 2 spoons of lemon
1 cup of baking soda
2 caps of apple vinegar (this would help with peeling the black shaft)
3 caps of anointing oil
And lastly 1 minute silence for your cooking skills.”