Backbone is the official controller partner for Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is getting a special Backbone One controller, courtesy of the partnership between Backbone and Activision for the upcoming game. If you happened to miss the initial announcement, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile now has an official release date. After being in a very small regional closed beta for quite a long time, the game is launching globally on March 21.

Keep in mind that the game may go live in some regions slightly earlier. This tends to happen with mobile game launches quite often. If you’re new to the Call of Duty scene on mobile devices, you can play with both touch controls and controller support. The touch controls are pretty fleshed out on Warzone Mobile. Some might even say better than the controls on Call of Duty: Mobile. Still, some people despise touch controls. If you happen to be one of those people, then this special edition Warzone Mobile Backbone One might be for you.

The Backbone One Prestige Edition comes with perks for Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Backbone One Prestige Edition (2)Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Backbone One Prestige Edition (2)

If you’re a big Call of Duty fan and you plan to play Warzone Mobile often, then this controller is definitely worth looking into. It’ll come with more opportunities for Double XP as well as leveling weapons. This sounds like buyers of the controller will end up getting some extra Double XP. As well as Double Weapon XP tokens to use during gameplay. Backbone’s blog post states this is just one 30-minute Double XP token, however. Additionally, you’ll be able to get even more rewards if you subscribe to Backbone+. This includes another Double XP Token, a weapon charm, a player card, and an emblem.

As Android Central notes, Backbone+ has a varied set of pricing options that change depending on how long you subscribe. If you’re a first-time subscriber you can check it out with a free trial that you get from the controller purchase. After that prices start at $4.

Tokens should be usable with the console and PC version of the game

Keep in mind that Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile features cross-progression with Modern Warfare III and Warzone on PC and consoles. So anything you get through the rewards will be usable on those platforms too.

The Backbone One Prestige Edition launches officially on March 13. That being said, you can only get it from Best Buy. More specifically, through Best Buy Drops via the mobile app.

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