Being a male feminist doesn’t pay – ‘Retired’ feminist, Solomon Buchi

solomon buchi

Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian life coach and writer, recently explained why he stopped actively participating in the feminist community.

He stated on Twitter that being a male supporter of feminism offers no perks.

This occurred when he responded to a man defending women in an online dispute about campaigning for males.

On May 16, the International Day of the Boy Child was honored, generating social media discussions concerning boys’ lack of acknowledgment in comparison to girls.

Daddy Shindara attacked this, calling it a victim mentality and asking why males did not take the initiative to honor boys themselves.

He tweeted; “This victim mentality wey we dey criticize women for, na wetin una dey do o. Women celebrate themselves, who asked you people not to celebrate yourselves?”Quoting his post, Solomon disclosed that as a former feminist he knows for a fact that such advocacy does not favour men.

In his words; “I used to be a male feminist like you. It doesn’t pay.”