Best Buy is already discounting the new OLED iPad Pro

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The new OLED iPad Pro just came out on Wednesday, but Best Buy is already discounting it by $50. That makes the 11-inch model just $949. That’s not a bad deal, as we don’t expect to see many discounts on the new iPad Pro for several months, likely not until Black Friday.

But there is a caveat here. You do need to be a My Best Buy Plus member. This is a $49.99/year subscription that does come with a good number of perks, but if you’re not already a member, you’re not really saving much here. With My Best Buy Plus, you get free two-day shipping, exclusive pricing, and much more.

The new iPad Pro was announced last week by Apple and went on sale this past Wednesday. Surprisingly, it is the first time that Apple has done OLED on an iPad, despite the iPhone having had it for about six years now. This is using a new Tandem OLED technology, which is basically stacking two OLED panels on top of each other. The reasoning for this is to make the OLED panel brighter without destroying the colors (one of the main benefits of OLED). This iPad gets incredibly bright, especially for an OLED display, at 1,000 nits.

I’ve been using my 13-inch iPad Pro for the past couple of days, and absolutely love this thing. It does have the M4, which is obviously very powerful for an iPad. But we will be seeing iPadOS 18 announced next month at WWDC, so we could see some changes that will allow the M4 to be taken full advantage of.

You can grab your new iPad Pro from Best Buy at the link below.

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