Best of MWC 2024: Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop

Best Of MWC 2024 Lenovo Thinkbook Transparent Display Laptop jpg.webp

The most stunning laptop you’ll ever see

The Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display laptop is quite possibly one of the most intriguing devices that was brought to MWC 2024, and it’s easily the most stunning laptop you’ll ever lay eyes on. It certainly looks and feels like a laptop, but then again it doesn’t. Not in the traditional sense. That’s because it comes with a Micro-LED transparent display that unless the laptop is powered on, looks just like a piece of glass.

It also has a completely touch-based keyboard to keep with the design theme. The end result is a laptop that is visually pleasing to look at. So much so, that we’d imagine it would sometimes be hard to get any work done on it because it would just be too easy to sit there and stare at its good looks. Looks aren’t everything of course. But they play a big role in what makes this laptop so intriguing. Because the design of its display being transparent actually goes beyond a stunning design. It’s intended to add some very functional aspects to the everyday workflow.

A fun, new way to collaborate and create content

When you think about what laptops are used for, there are always the usual suspects. Studying, working, gaming, and content creation. While you could likely use this laptop for any of those, Lenovo is positioning this as a device that would be excellent for work collaboration and content creation. The unique new ways in which you would be able to use this device come down to the Micro-LED transparent display. In pairing with this see-through screen, the laptop uses what’s called Artificial Intelligence Generated Content.

And as Lenovo puts it, it allows users to overlay digital content on top of real-world objects. Potentially leading to some exciting ways to create content. Think about art creation, for example. Imagine putting your subject in the background which you could see behind the transparent display. This could make it super simple to use the subject as a guided reference for your take on it. Not unlike tracing the outlines of whatever you’re drawing. It could also be a neat way to use the subject as a core piece to build off of. This is just one example too. But there could be tons of other uses for creatives.

A large, super-bright display with no bezels

People always talk about wanting slimmer bezels for their displays. Especially on laptops and TVs. There are lots of laptops and other devices out there that use the term “bezel-less” but none of them are quite as bezel-less as they let on. That is until Lenovo came out with the ThinkBook Transparent Display laptop. This display is truly bezel-less, and that’s one of the key points that make it enticing.

The display is 17.3 inches in size as well. So it’s not only bezel-less, but it’s big enough to do anything on that you would use a laptop with a normal display for. On top of that it features a 1,000-nit peak brightness which is pretty bright. Certainly bright enough to use both indoors and outdoors Lenovo says. Lenovo isn’t going to be selling this laptop as it’s just a proof of concept. But it’s a striking one that caught our attention immediately.