Best of MWC 2024: OnePlus Watch 2

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The battery life king for Wear OS smartwatches

The OnePlus Watch 2 was OnePlus’s big announcement for this week making its debut at MWC 2024, and without mincing words, OnePlus has made a huge splash with this watch, and to our surprise, it might just be our new favorite. When OnePlus launched its original smartwatch, it was running on OnePlus’s own operating system, and compared to other options, it just wasn’t living up to what you’d expect from OnePlus. The company knows it missed the mark with the first model and went to work to improve things for the 2nd model.

There are so many improvements across the board, that the OnePlus Watch 2 is easily capable of becoming the best Wear OS watch out there for many consumers.

The battery life on the OnePlus Watch 2 is setting a new standard

I have no problem saying that the OnePlus Watch 2 will be the undisputed king of battery life when it comes to any Wear OS watch. Battery life has always been an issue with smartwatches in general and Wear OS has been among the worst. Although there have been some standouts ahead of the pack. OnePlus is turning that on its head by touting up to 100 hours of battery life on the OnePlus Watch 2 which is, quite honestly amazing. Now there are some tricks to this that allow for this to be possible. Part of it is on Google’s end with some optimizations it’s made to Wear OS. But the other more substantial part is on the OnePlus Watch 2’s hardware, as well as some software tweaks that OnePlus made.

All-in-all it equals out to a nearly full workweek of battery life on a single charge. In fact, in our review, we got almost five days out of it. If battery life is something you stress over but you don’t want to move off of Wear OS, then the OnePlus Watch 2 is the watch for you. Aside from the battery life, there are a lot of other niceties to capture your attention. Not the least of which is the design. This is a really good-looking smartwatch and it shows. There’s also a sapphire crystal display which means you don’t have to worry so much about scratches, scuffs, or the occasional ding against a counter or something.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of it still, but you won’t need to baby it. And in the end that’s all you really need. A smartwatch that can enhance your life without you needing to coddle the thing because you’re afraid it might break.

Charging at the speed of light

Other than battery life another complaint of smartwatches sometimes is how long it takes to charge them. OnePlus has consistently been one of the top contenders for fast-charging devices. Without fail, every year, it comes out with new products that charge a lot faster than most if not all of the competition. The OnePlus Watch 2 is no different. You can get to a full battery in about an hour which is lightning quick. In our personal testing, it was about 58 minutes from 4% to 100% and that’s so much faster than any other Wear OS watch out there.

Case in point, when the battery does finally die, just pop it on the charger before you start your day and it’ll be back up to 100% in no time. Then you’re good for almost another week. The watch also has a 5ATM rating and it’s IP68 water resistant. And the best part is that it’s not super expensive. At $299, this is a bargain.