Best of MWC 2024: Oppo Air Glass 3 AI-powered glasses

Oppo Air Glass 3 Award jpg.webp

The Oppo Air Glass 3 gives us a glimpse at the company’s vision for the future at MWC 

Wearable smart technology is getting more advanced as time goes on, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the days when it’ll be indistinguishable from what we see in Sci-Fi movies. Well, Oppo wants to turn science fiction into science fact with the Air Glass 3. At this point, this device is only a prototype, so, we shouldn’t expect to see it launching anytime soon. However, it does give us an idea of what Oppo has planned for this device, and it looks pretty spectacular.

These glasses will remind you of the smart glasses that we have today. However, these will stand out by implementing generative AI. They will have the ability to access generative AI models. The model it’ll use won’t be the most popular on the market. Rather than using any AI models from OpenAI, these glasses will use AndesGPT. This is Oppo’s proprietary AI model.

These glasses will be very inconspicuous. If you remember the Google Glass, you remember a pair of glasses with a very noticeable component over one of the lenses. However, these glasses will look very similar to a regular pair of eyeglasses. This is thanks in part to the fact that they will not come with a camera. This will undoubtedly make the glasses much lighter.

The Oppo Air Glass 3 will probably be just fine on their own, but they’re mostly made to integrate with Oppo’s other devices. So, you’ll use an Oppo phone along with the dedicated Air Glass 3 app to get the most out of the experience.

For their sleek design and innovative technology, the Oppo Air Glass 3 have won the hearts of those visiting MWC and us here at Android Headlines.