Best of MWC 2024: Samsung Galaxy Ring

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Samsung’s excellent health-tracking in a tiny, stylish package

After first teasing the Galaxy Ring during Unpacked earlier this year, Samsung has given us a closer look at the health-tracking device during MWC 2024. There’s a lot more information that Samsung shared about it that wasn’t given to the public during its “unveiling” that happened back in January. There are still quite a few details unknown about this device, however. Nevertheless, with the information Samsung has chosen to share, for now, the Galaxy Ring already seems to be shaping up to be a must-have health tracker.

When you think about health trackers, more commonly known as fitness trackers, you think of a watch-like device you wear around your wrist. Perhaps all those features are even wrapped up in a smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. The problem with watches or fitness trackers that are wrist-worn, is that they’re big and bulky, at least by comparison to a ring that slides onto your finger. This is where we believe the Galaxy Ring is likely to become a new favorite for people when it comes to tracking health. Especially for those who are more focused on sleep tracking. Think about it. A ring is going to be much more comfortable to wear to bed than a watch.

A complement to the smartwatch, not a replacement

This is going to be one of the big takeaways from something like the Galaxy Ring. While I absolutely love my Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, I don’t particularly enjoy wearing it to bed. There’s just something about having the watch on while I sleep that has always felt strange and out of place. With the Galaxy Ring, no more. And that seems to be the same sentiment shared by Samsung. The Galaxy Ring was designed to complement the smartwatch but not replace it. This means you could take off your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic while you go to sleep without having to give up the sleep-tracking features.

That sounds wonderful. On top of this, the Galaxy Ring keeps things in the same ecosystem. If you’re using a Galaxy Watch, then you’re already tapped into Samsung Health. And the Galaxy Ring will build on that by tapping into it as well. It’ll connect to the app so the sensors on the ring can upload whatever data was tracked during use. And all of that will blend nicely with whatever data the watch grabs. The main draw here is keeping things simple. You won’t have to use separate apps to interact with say, a different smart ring, and then Samsung Health for the Galaxy Watch. Simplicity and convenience are key. Plus, the ring is said to last up to 9 days on a charge. So you’ll have one less thing to charge daily.

Multiple colors and sizes to fit everyone

To even further build on the excitement, Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Ring in a multitude of sizes. Not only that, but it comes in three colors. You can choose between Silver, Dark Gray, and Gold. It also comes in nine different sizes. That might not seem like a huge deal but it certainly is. This will undoubtedly make it so more people can opt to get one of these rings because it will fit on more finger sizes.

The larger sizes will also include a larger battery. Which probably means even longer battery life for those. All-in-all, the Galaxy Ring is a showstopping device that we can’t wait to get our hands on.