Best of MWC 2024: Tecno Dynamic 1

Tecno Dynamic 1 Award jpg.webp

Out of left field, Tecno delivered one of the most spectacular devices at MWC 2024, and it’s a really good boy

During the events, Tecno showed off its Robo dog called the Tecno Dynamic 1. We’ve seen plenty of robotics over the years and they’ve been improving immensely ever since. Well, looking at the Tecno Dynamic 1, it appears that robotics have reached a new stage of evolution.

In case you are unfamiliar with Tecno, the company has primarily been a smartphone maker. It gave us devices like the Camon series phones and the Pova gaming phones. In fact, the company unveiled the Pova 6 Pro 5G during MWC, its latest and greatest gaming-centric smartphone coming soon. Well, the company has been expanding over the past couple of years, and it’s vying to be a top tech brand.

This is evident in the engineering prowess present within the Dynamic 1. As stated before, this is a robotic dog, and it has been engineered to mimic a dog’s natural movements. When you see it in action, it will look very similar to what you would see from your pet at home. It does subtle movements like stomping its feet, moving its head, moving up and down, and more. All of the motors powering the Dynamic 1 move perfectly in sync, so it remains balanced. It achieves this balance by using an  AI Hypersense Fusion System.

The Dynamic 1 has several sensors including a RealSense D430 depth camera, dual optical sensors, and infrared sensors. Also, it has four microphones that allow it to listen to voice commands.

Tecno is really pushing the envelope with the Dynamic 1, and it shows the company’s commitment to innovation. The Dynamic 1 is one of the most interesting devices we’ve seen in years, and that’s why it earned our award for Best of MWC 2024.