Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ cases

The Galaxy Tab S9+ is a premium and very powerful Android-powered tablet from Samsung. This is the middle child of the Galaxy Tab S9 series, and it’s no doubt a favorite among people looking for a balance of affordability and power. If you picked up a Galaxy Tab S9+, here’s a list of some of the best cases that you can get for this device.

This list will go down some of the most feature-packed cases that not only protect your tablet from drops but also provide additional functionality so that you can get more from your tablet. Be sure to stop back, because this is an ever-updating article, so you may see better options in a month or so.

If you haven’t picked up your Galaxy Tab S9+, then you may want to hop on it. We have a piece covering everything you need to know about the Galaxy Tab S9 series, so be sure to check that out. Also, if you’re ready to pull the trigger and order your tablet, you can pick one up at the official Samsung storefront.

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Best official Samsung case

Samsung Outdoor Cover case

Outdoor Cover for Galaxy Tab S9Outdoor Cover for Galaxy Tab S9

There’s no better place to get a case than from Samsung itself. Since this is a Samsung case, you know that is going to be perfectly compatible with this device. Also, since Samsung makes very high-quality products, you have 100% certainty that this is going to be a very high-quality Case. Designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab S9+, this outdoor cover is the perfect case for you if you want to bring your tablet out with you.

The outer cover for the Galaxy Tab S9+ comes in at $69.99, and it’s worth every penny. This is an extremely rugged and well-built case for the tablet that’s designed to survive the elements and drops. This was built with protection in mind, it’s made from sturdy high-quality materials. It’s built to protect the edges of the tablet and the back. Since the Galaxy S9+ is larger than a phone, it’s easier for the screen to get cracked. So, you’ll want to eliminate as much force as you can.

The sides of the tablet are protected by a thick frame that runs around the entire tablet. This is crucial, as impacts on the side of the device risk cracking the screen. When it comes to falls on the tablet’s side, corners are the worst culprits. So, the Samsung Outdoor Case comes with reinforced corners that will take the majority of the force. This will help spare the display in case a tablet does take a tumble.

There’s a bit of a raised lip that will protect the screen from making contact with any surfaces during the fall. It’s not as dramatic as what we see with other cases, but it’s still significant. This means that, if the tablet happens to fall facedown, the case will take the impact, and not the screen.

This case also adds extra protection for the S Pen. The S Pen lives on a spot on the back of the tablet thanks to some powerful magnets. However, in the case of a fall, there’s always the chance that E P Pen can go flying. So, the back of the case has a slot that will hold the S-Pen securely in place.

Lastly, this case has a convenient kickstand that will swing out when you need to prop up the tablet. It can come in handy when you’re trying to watch content.

This is one of the best cases you can get for this tablet, as it comes directly from Samsung. The company put as much work and effort into making the case as it did making the tablet, so you know that you’re getting a great product.

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Best rugged case

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

Just picking up the Galaxy Tab S9+, you can tell that this is a very well-built device. You can be confident that it can take a bit of abuse before showing any signs of damage. However, it’s always great to go the extra mile to be sure that the tablet remains in pristine condition. Well, the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro case for the Galaxy Tab S9+ goes that extra mile. This is a case that just screams protection. If you’re looking for a case that will provide 360° of protection, this one should definitely be on your list.

Coming in at a very reasonable price of $28.99, this case is an absolute tank. It’s made to protect every centimeter of the Galaxy Tab S9+, and it delivers on that promise. Also, it comes with some added functionality that users will love. Starting off, this case is made from extremely sturdy thermoplastic polyurethane. It’s designed to take a ton of abuse without transferring any of it to the actual tablet. So, if you happen to drop your tablet, it will more than be protected by sturdy materials.

The back of the case is clad in several layers of TPU, and that will keep the tablet thoroughly protected. Also, the back of the case extends a bit past the camera lenses. This means that, in the event of a fall, the glass lenses will not make contact with the surface. So, you won’t have to worry about broken glass on the camera.

Moving over to the screen, there’s a protective front cover that protects the display. The cover is also made from high-quality materials, so you won’t have to worry about the screen getting damaged during a drop. Also, the cover helps protect the screen from scratches. You can safely walk around with the peace of mind that the tablet’s display is not openly exposed.

The case does more than protect the tablet. If you want to set the tablet down to watch content or work, then you’ll appreciate the fact that the screen cover can fold and become a kickstand. This eliminates the need to buy a separate tablet stand or lay the tablet on a flat surface. This is one of those features that just adds so much more utility to the tablet itself.

There’s a handy slot on the back that will hold the S Pen to the tablet tightly. So, if anything happens, you won’t have to worry about the S Pen flying out

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Best case with a screen protector

Dexnor Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 PlusDexnor Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

Dexnor Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

The Galaxy Tab S9+ has an absolutely gorgeous display, and it shows Samsung’s dominance over the display market. So, you will want to keep that display protected from damage. This is where screen protectors come in. These are slabs of tempered glass usually that will take the impact of a fall. Oftentimes, the screen protector is what will break during a fall, but the actual display will remain intact.

This case is a pretty robust accessory. It’s built to be a rugged case to keep the tablet protected in the case of a fall. You get a sturdy unibody design that fully encompasses the back of the tablet. This means that, if the tablet falls, then you’re covered. The back plate is made from strong materials that will keep the tablet from getting damaged in the event of a fall. It’s reinforced, so it will take the majority of the force generated. This case also has reinforced corner bumpers so that the tablet will remain in good condition even if it falls on the corner.

One of the main attributes of this case is the addition of the screen protector. This is a screen protector that will keep the screen from breaking. It’s made from tough tempered glass, so you know that there’s a degree of shatter resistance. If the tablet does happen to fall, the screen protector will be the first thing to break, not the screen. What’s neat about this is that the screen protector will clip into place when you apply the case. This isn’t much different than other screen protectors that require you to use adhesive. It’s much more convenient and easier to put on. Even though there’s a layer of glass over the screen, you won’t have any issues using the tablet. You’ll still be able to tap and swipe on the screen and use the S Pen.

This case comes with a nifty kickstand on the back that you can use to prop up the tablet. It works in both portrait and landscape mode, so you can use it however you please. When you fold the kickstand in, it lies almost completely flush with the case. So, you won’t even know it’s there when it’s folded in.

The case pictured above is the pink color, however, this case also comes in black, and blue. All three of the colors look elegant and nice, and they’ll definitely add a nice layer to your tablet.

Cases like these bring a ton of protection to your tablet, and they’re well worth the money. So, if you want one of the best cases to keep the tablet’s display looking nice, you should look at this case.

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Best leather case

ZtotopCases Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 CaseZtotopCases Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Case

Ztotop Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

It may not be everyone’s thing, but leather is one of the most popular materials for cases. You can’t argue with the elegance of a well-made leather case. Not only does it look very stylish, but also lends to the grip of the device. There are a ton of leather cases out there, but the Ztopcase Blends fashion and function.

The Ztotop Case is a very fashionable case that comes in at only $30.99. It has a nice and premium-feeling leather build, letting you know that the company put a lot of thought and effort into it. Every detail is professionally crafted and it’s way more elegant than the price would suggest.

The materials are not only high-quality, but they’re also rather thick. This may not be the most rugged case out there, but it will still provide you ample protection. It completely wraps around the tablet. So, no matter what angle the tablet drops at, it will be protected. Since it’s made from a rather soft material, it will absorb most of the force of the impact very easily. This means that the tablet will be well protected.

While it’s mostly made of leather, the internal frame is made from a sturdy PC material. This just adds another layer of protection to the case. The internal frame keeps the tablet locked in place and absorbs some of the impacts as well.

There’s a very nice-looking S-shaped pattern near the end of the flap. It’s purely an aesthetic choice, but it adds character to the design. The case already looks rather elegant, so the addition of some nice design choices really makes the case stand out. Also, it comes in three different colors, which are black, blue, and denim black. The denim black color is a two-tone color that looks absolutely amazing.

The S Pen connects to the back of the tablet magnetically, but this case comes with an additional strap that will keep the S Pen stationary. This means that, in the case of a fall, the S Pen will not fly out.

Also, this case has an Auto Sleep/Auto Wake function. When you’re using the tablet, you’ll only have to close the case in order to put your tablet to sleep. This will really come in handy in case you accidentally forget to put your tablet to sleep before closing it.

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Best case with a kickstand

TiMOVO for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 plusTiMOVO for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 plus

ItemTiMOVO Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

Sometimes, you have to use your tablet as a portable display or a miniature computer. Because of this, it’s always great when the case comes with a built-in kickstand. This comes extremely handy when you need to stand your tablet up.  The TiMOVO case for the Galaxy Tab S9+ is one of the options you should be considering. Among other things, this case lets you stand your tablet up at a certain angle so that you can use it in many different ways.

The ItemTiMOVO Case costs $20.95 and is for people looking for a case that’s thinner and lighter. Many people who carry their tablets with them around often don’t want bulky cases. So, if you want a case with a thin profile, then this is the one for you.

It consists of multiple layers of materials that keep your tablet safe. There’s a sturdy outer layer that absorbs most of the impact force. The case itself covers the entire back of the tablet, and there’s also a screen cover that protects the display. So, it offers all-around protection.

The edges of the case are rather thick, so they protect the edges of the tablet. In fact, the top edge of the case extends quite a bit. So, if the tablet happens to fall on the top edge, it will have additional protection.

Also, there’s an inner layer that provides additional protection. The inner layer is made from a flexible material to keep it safe during falls. Since it’s made from flexible materials, it can absorb the force of an impact. This double layer of protection is one of the reasons why you should consider getting this case.

The extended top edge is actually meant to house the S Pen. The S Pen can stick onto the back of the tablet, but if you want a more secure area to store it, then you’ll want to put it inside of the extended edge. It’s a neat addition to have if you use the S Pen a lot. You can easily set the S Pen inside of the slot right above the tablet. So, you will always know where it is.

The cover of this case is split into three sections, and that allows you to use it as a kickstand. This is incredibly convenient because the functionality to stand your tablet up is built right into the case. Depending on how you fold the cover, you’ll be able to stand your tablet upright or at a lower angle.

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Best slim case

WOGROO Case for Galaxy Tab S9 PlusWOGROO Case for Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

WOGROO Case for Galaxy Tab S9+

Some people want a case that provides ample protection without weighing the tablet down too much. This is where a slim case comes in. These cases are well suited to protect the tablet from falls, but they do so while keeping a low profile. One great option to consider getting is the WOGROO case. This is a case that’s thin and sleek and still provides great protection to keep your tablet looking pristine.

This case keeps a low profile, and it’s for people who want a more minimalist design. So, you will definitely save space when you’re trying to pack it away inside of a bag. This case might be thin, but it still protects your device. The WOGROO Case comes in at $11.99, so it’s definitely one of the more affordable cases on this list. However, just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that it’s low quality. The tablet is still made from sturdy yet flexible materials that will absorb the shock from falls.

While this case is thin, there’s still a bit of dimension to it. The case has raised lips that extend past the display and the back of the phone. So, in the case of a fall, there’s less of a chance of your screen making contact with the ground. Tablet displays are much bigger than smartphone displays, which means that they’re much easier to crack. So, it’s much more crucial that a tablet has ample display protection. As for the back, there’s a raised lip that extends past the camera package. This is crucial, as the camera package is one part of the tablet you do not want to have broken. Having cracks on the lens will make the camera virtually useless.

The internal layer is made from a honeycomb mesh using a sturdy TPU material. This is the layer that makes direct contact with the tablet, so it will help absorb the shock of a fall. The outside of the tablet cases is made from sturdy material as well. It’s more rigid, so it’ll absorb a lot of the shock of the fall. It’s a svelte tablet case, but it still offers ample protection.

One thing that’s notable about this display is the fact that it adds substantial grip to the tablet. The Galaxy Tab S9+ is a very slippery device if you use it without a case. This means that the risk of it slipping out of your hand and then falling is pretty high. So, with the added grip that this case provides, you can easily avoid drops altogether.

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Best clear case

Zeking Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 PlusZeking Designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

Zeking Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

Often, we have to make sacrifices in order to protect our devices. For example, the Galaxy Tab S9+ is a very beautiful-looking device. It was professionally crafted by Samsung, and it’s one of the best-looking devices out there. However, if you slap a case on it, you will cover up that beautiful design. If you don’t want that to happen, then you’re going to want to look into getting a clear case for the tablet. A great option to look into is the Zeking Clear Case.

This is a very affordable case coming in at only $9.99. While this is a very low price, the quality is still high. This case is made from a thin, yet sturdy TPU rubber soft skin that will do a great job of absorbing the shock of a fall. The TPU rubber used is high in quality. Not only that, but it still has some rather thick edges. Edge falls can really do some damage to a tablet’s display, so this is a necessity. The corners are also slightly thicker, which only adds to the protection.

Like most other tablets, there is a useful raised lip that will extend past the display. This means that the display will not make contact with the surface during a drop. The case will take the impact, and spare your screen. The same thing goes for the back. The raised lip extends past the camera package. So, you are protected in that regard.

This case is perfect for people who want the thinnest and lightest case for their tablet. A lot of the time, having a bulky case isn’t the best option. There are people who need to tuck their tablet inside a bag to travel with, so a thick case just isn’t an option.

This case is crystal clear, so you’ll be able to see the color of the tablet itself. This is very useful, as this tablet is released in some very elegant and beautiful colors.

Putting the case on is as easy as snapping it into place. And, when you need to take it out of the case, it’s flexible enough so that you can basically peel it off. Overall, this is a very simple and straightforward case, and it’s perfect for people who want a thin and light case that doesn’t weigh down the tablet or hide its beautiful design.

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Best fashionable case

VODEFOX Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 PlusVODEFOX Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

VODEFOX case for the Galaxy Tab S9+

Cases don’t only offer protection, but they also offer the ability to completely customize and revamp the look of the device you’re using. This is why several companies go the extra mile to make sure that their cases look unique and stylish. The VODEFOX case for the Galaxy Tab S9+ does this. This is the case that will keep your tablet safe and sound. However, it will do so with a stylish and elegant flare.

The VODEFOX Case only costs $22.99 and is for people looking for a more stylish aesthetic. Right off the bat, you’ll see this beautiful leather material. The case itself is actually handmade, and it uses high-quality leather. This is an elegant stitching that runs throughout the case that gives it a nice aesthetic.

Along with that, there’s a marble pattern that really makes this case stand out. It doesn’t look like you’re using a tablet, it almost looks like you’re using an artistic leather-bound notebook. The one pictured above is the blue color. However, if blue is not your jam, there’s also a black, brown, green, and red color. All of them look absolutely beautiful. The Galaxy Tab S9+ is a very nice-looking device. However, its beauty comes from the marriage of cold hard steel and glass. These cases give the tablet a more organic beauty.

This case not only looks nice, but it does protect your tablet. The case completely encloses the tablet, so you know you have all-around protection. All the materials this case is made from are high-quality. It will not protect your case in the same way that a super rugged case would, but it’s still more than sturdy enough to keep the tablet free of cracks and dents in the event of a fall. The materials are rather thick and can take a lot of abuse.

The outside is made from tough leather, while the internal frame is made from sturdy TPU plastic. This plastic will hug the device and absorb the shock from any impact. Also, there’s additional protection for your S Pen. The S Pen sticks to the back of the tablet with some fairly strong magnets. However, accidents always happen, and there’s always a chance that the S Pen could go flying during an impact. Also, there are cases out there that offer no protection for the S Pen, so there’s always a chance of it getting lost. However, this case completely covers the tablet including the S Pen

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Best case with included keyboard


 D DINGRICH Case with Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

The Galaxy Tab S9+ is a powerful device, so you’re going to want to do some work on it. If you’re a writer, the tablet’s 12.4-inch display is the perfect size for writing. It could very well be your business companion when you need to pack light. In order to get the most out of your work tablet, you’re going to want to have a dedicated keyboard to type on. Well, why not kill two birds with one stone? Why not get a combination case and keyboard to serve two purposes for your tablet?

Well, this is where the D DINGRICH keyboard case for the Galaxy S9+ comes in. $35.99 is a decent asking price for such a device. It’s a folio case that will completely cover the case and present you with a great media-viewing experience when open. For starters, this case is very protective and sturdy. It will keep your tablet from needing a facelift. Both the front and back of the tablet are covered, so you can expect 360° of protection. The back of the case is made from strong TPU materials, and the front has the keyboard; the keyboard will add some extra protection. Also, there’s a soft leather interior that will add another layer of protection.

The case allows you to prop the tablet up on the table, which is crucial to using it with the keyboard. You are actually able to adjust the tablet to sit at different angles. You can set it between 120° and 130°. This should be suitable for most people.

Moving on to the star of the show, the keyboard is a perfectly sized keyboard that’s actually backlit. That’s a feature you don’t find with many small keyboards like this. There’s a light behind the keys that will shine through so that you can see them in the dark. What’s also neat about the backlights is that they are RGB lights. Which means that they can display different colors. There are seven backlight colors to choose from: white, red, yellow, green, light blue, blue, and purple. There are three different brightness settings. So, if you’re in a very dark environment, and you have to keep the lights dim, you can set the keyboard to dim mode. On the contrary, if you want the keys at full brightness, it’s only a button away.

As for the battery, this keyboard should last you about 70 hours of use on a single charge. That’s perfect if you are a casual worker. Also, it takes between 2 to 3 hours to charge completely.

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